Positive Thinking Beneficial - A lot of people talk about 'positive thinking' all over the world. When you are talking about positive thinking, in a sense you are running away from reality. You want to see only one side of life and ignore the other. You can ignore that other party but he will not ignore you.

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Positive Thinking Beneficial?

If you do not think about the negative things of the world, then you are living in a paradise (unreal world) of a fool and life is yours Lessons Must Teach Now, suppose there is dark dark clouds in the sky. You can ignore them but they will not do that. When he rains, he just rains. If you soak it, then you will soak it.

You can ignore it and think that everything will be alright - it may have some psychological and social relevance, but existence and reality will not be consistent with it. It will be just a consolation.  The reason for this is that you feel somewhere that you can not handle reality. And perhaps you can not handle it, so you become absorbed in this positive thinking that you want to leave negativity and want to think positively. Or, in other words, you want to go away from negativity, avoid it.

Anything you want to avoid, becomes the basis of your consciousness. The one you fall behind is not the strongest thing in you. Whatever you want to go away, that will be your strongest thing. Anyone who wants to wipe out a part of life and wants to live with the other, it only brings sorrow to himself.

Double nature.

All existence is between duality. What are you saying positive and negative, what is that? Menhood and femininity, light and darkness, day and night. Unless these two are, how will life be? This is exactly what you say that you only need life, not death. But nothing like that happens Death is, therefore, life. That's why the light is so light. The thing is that you do not want to neglect the negativity over yourself. Let both of you stay and see how you can use both of them to do something good.

If you look at life as it is, then it is always equally positive and negative. If you see him as if he is, then nothing will dominate you, neither positivity or negativity. Since they are both in the same proof, so that is happening in the way they are happening. All you have to do is make proper use of both of which you can create.

The light bulb therefore burns, gives light, because electricity has both positiveness and negativeness. Electricity flowing, being light, it is getting a positive thing, so we do not worry about negativity. When a woman and a man get together and experience pleasure, then we do not worry that there is a man or a woman. If these problems start to bring negative results, then we see them as a problem. Positivity or negativity are not a problem in itself. What results are getting to you from them, that is important.

You should not oppose positivity or negativity, you should bring one positive result from both of these, which is dependent on your ability. If we are thinking about this life, then it is more important that we are truthful about what we are really in. Only then can we complete a journey. Due to the urgency of positive thinking, many possibilities have already been destroyed by the people.

Positive thinking is something that is in this poem of a positive thinker .......

A little bird was flying in the sky,

In my eyes, he beat,

But I do not worry nor do I cry,

Because I'm going to think positively,

I thank God, and

I pray that the buffaloes do not fly.

If you do not want to see life as it is, then you can not do anything about it, you can not even move one step. You will not be able to do anything. You will only talk mentally funny which will entertain you for some time but will not take you anywhere.Read more