The most effective way to shorten the ear hole, try it once. 

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It is always good to wear jewelry on women, but wearing heavy earrings and earrings etc. often causes ear holes to grow, due to which these women are having a lot of trouble because of not only their look bad Instead, they can not wear any earrings, so today we are going to tell you the most effective solution to this problem, which will get you rid of this problem.

The ingredients that you will need to prepare this prescription are acacia gum, remember that you only have to take an apple of the bowel, because it contains elements that paste cells into one another, then make a piece of this gum. Now take almost a pinch of dust, now take any toothpaste, now you have to mix them well, now you have to use it, how to use it.

Take a small amount of this paste and fill it in your ear hole before sleeping in the night, to fill it in such a way that the hole is not visible at all, now put some tapes in it so that it does not leave in the night, it Keeping it covered in the night, redeem it while bathing in the morning; After this continuous 5 to 6 days, the hole will be reduced.

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