7 WWE superstars who literally killed foreign wrestlers.WWE Pro Wrestling is a tricky game. The results are fixed in advance and the responsibility of protecting one another inside the ring is those racers that are in front of each other.WWE

WWE superstars who literally killed foreign wrestlers, WWF,

WWE- But not every time it happens that a wrestler cares for the other wrestler's safety. There has been a lot of times in the history of Pro Rasling when a wrestler has actually killed another wrestler. Let's take a look at just like some matches.

# 7 WWE Daniel Powder vs. Kurt Angle. WWE

WWE -Deniel Powder was the winner of Tough Enough 2005. In one episode of SmackDown Live, Powder trapped Kimura Lock to really hurt Kurt Angle. The referee pinned the lie to understand the situation while Powder's hand was not on the mat.

WWE Then the angle rose and he said something to Powder. Powder was then rushed to the Royal Rumble and from there he was immediately fired from WWE. 

# 6 WWE Riack vs. CM Punk.- WWE

WWE After leaving the WWE in 2014, CM Punk, Colt visited the Art of Wrestling Podcast in Kobana. During that chat show CM Punk did many big disclosures.

WWE Punk explained that Rayback was a dangerous wrestler, and Rayback deliberately tried to hurt him. Raibak had to pick up the CM Punk and toss it on the table, but Raibak threw punk on the debris.

# 5 Michael Tver vs John Cena. WWE

WWE Michael Tver was one of the members of the Nexus group. Although he did not grow as a singles star, he was soon fired from the company after the group broke.

WWE Michael Tarvar has repeatedly said on several occasions that John Cena had a lot of trouble with him. Not only that, Tver says that during a WWE PPV John Cena deliberately fractured his hand. However, John Cena never said anything about these things.

# 4 WWE The Blue Mine vs JBL

WWE The Blue Mei was a part of the ECW and was part of the Blue World Order Group. During the ECW's One Night Stand PPV, WWE and ECW's wrestlers became entangled.

WWE I have said in many interviews that the JBL backstage was not a good behavioral wrestler. And JBL had intentions that they would really hurt Meini inside the ring and they did it too. After this, Minni got a contract from WWE, due to which he did not make a case on JBL.

# 3 WWE Mass Transit incident. 

WWE New Jack is considered the most dangerous wrestler in the world of wrestling, and he was known for his cruel and deadly wrestling.

WWE During an ECW show, a 17-year-old boy named Eric Kulas, succeeded in taking the place of taking an injured wrestler in the ring, just like his wrong age. He said that he is a trend wrestler named Mass Transit. New Jack thought about teaching the boy a lesson and wounded him on his head and looted the boy.

WWE The first boy's parents thought of doing a case on Jack, but in the end it was revealed that the boy himself went to the ring by lying.

# 2 WWE Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Stroman. 

WWE These two giant wrestlers were in front of each other in a Triple Threat match in the WWE Royal Rumble in 2018, where the third wrestler was Ken. Bron Stormman accidentally struck Brock Lesnar with knee during the match, after which Lesnar was almost out of his senses.

WWE In response Brock Lesnar really hit a strong punch on Stroman's mouth. After this Brock Lesnar also called Stroman a few words.

# 1 WWE Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton. 

WWE When the climate of Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton was being created for the WWE SummerSlam, Orton was speaking at Chris Jericho's show that Lesnar took steroids. Lesnar did not like this thing at all.

WWE However the result of the match was going one way and everyone knew who was going to win. But Lesnar took this forward a lot. Lesnar had to defeat Orton directly, but instead of pinting Lesnar Orton, one after another was really hit on Lesnar's face. All the people were watching the moments with panic.Read more