A woman has done a bumpy dance on the song of the dream, so far many dance classes have been performed.

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 A woman has done a lot of dance songs, so far has done many dance songs on the song of the dream dance cinema
The popularity of Hariyanvi Dancer-actor Sapna Chaudhary was increased by the song "teri aakhya ka yo kajal" overnight. The dream was well-known with this song, as well as many other people have been famous on social media by dancing on the song of the dream. Not only this, a video on social media is becoming viral these days.

Please tell that in this video, a woman is seen having a great dance of 'Sapna Chaudhary' on the song '"teri aakhya ka yo kajal". In this viral video, a man with a woman is also seen dancing. People are making fun-loving comments on women's dancing on social media.

Although this is not the first time when someone danced on this song of dreams Actually many Bollywood celebrities have also danced on this song of the dream. Just a few days back, TV artist Shoaib Ibrahim shared a video on his Instagram account.

In this video, he is seen dancing with Sapna Choudhary's song " "teri aakhya ka yo kajal" with his wife Deepika. Along with them, Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal has also been doing fun dance on this song. While sharing the video, Shoaib wrote, "When the party is hostile, your night is full of energy and crazy. Arjun and I are crazy on a favorite dance number. '
A woman did a bumpy dance on the song of the sapna

Earlier, Cricketer Chris Gayle has done a great dance on this song of the dream. The video of his dance itself, Sapna Chaudhary also shared on social media. The dream shared the video of Chris Gayle's steamy dance with his Instagram account. Also wrote, 'You also see this domestic dance of Chris'. Well these days these women are making their crazy people crazy with their dance.