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Urvashi Routela had started her acting career with Sunny Deol under the direction of director Anil Sharma, becoming a heroine in the film 'Singh Sahab The Great'. Yes,  

Winning beauty contest, nationally and internationally,

Urvashi Routela, who won the most beauty contest at an early age, managed to win the title of 'Miss Diwa' from India in December 2015. In 2009, at the age of 15, Urvashi Rautela had won the title 'Miss Teen India'. Two years later, Miss Miss Asian Super Moodle and Miss Tourism Queen of the Year International won the title.
In 2012, Urvashi won the Miss Universe India title, but due to the age-old dispute, she had to be deprived of the title. As an actress, she did not get the success she should have achieved in Bollywood, but her intentions are strong. These days, they are very excited about taking 'Sanam Re', 'The Great Grand Masti' and 'Ambaria' films. Presented, the main part of the conversation with them:

Tell me about the journey you have here?

Frankly, in my life so far everything has come automatically. I am from Kotdwar, Uttarakhand. My father is a businessman and my mom is a business lady. My uncle, uncle is all doctor and engineer. I am a science student. I studied at good school, but since childhood I used to participate in dance and drama.

I never thought that I had to make career in acting. I acted in many plays of Shakespeare. Apart from this, I continued to take part in sports and also increased. I am also a national level basketball bowler. At the age of 3, I started taking formal training of Bharatnatyam and Kathak dance. But I became an actress rather than an engineer.

I am the only Indian woman to win the highest beauty quotes at national and international level. At the age of 15, I won the Miss Teen title. From then onwards, I had started coming up with big banner films. In these films, Hindi was also included in South films. I have rejected almost 30 South Indian films, because then I was very young and I had to study.

My parents also wanted me to complete my studies. Since 2009, I have been consistently getting many titles and in 2011 'Indian Presse Miss Asian Super Moodle' was selected. After that I went to South Korea. There I also won many titles. I was the first Indian girl to go to South Korea.

I started acting in films only after completing graduation. My acting career debut was 'Leo Sahab the Great'. Before this, at the age of 16, I also got the film 'Ishqzade', but then I wanted to take part in 'Miss World competition'. For this reason I did not do this film. I have come to work in films with Jackie Chan in Bollywood and Hollywood. When foreigners ask me about bollywood, I feel very good. In this way my career has taken turn, which I will not be able to tell myself very well.

When did you come to mind your acting career?

When I graduated, I accepted Anil Sharma's film 'Singh Sahab the Great' and I accepted it. Because it was a good movie for my career startup. After this film I worked with Sonakshi Sinha in International Music Video 'Love Dos'. Last year I was seen in Kannada film too. Recently, his film 'Sanam Ray' has been released, while this year the Hindi film 'The Great Grand Masti' and Punjabi film 'AmbarSaria' will be released. Just working in the first film, I had thought of acting as a career.

Do not you think that the way your career should have been pursued in Bollywood, could not move like that?

I am doing the tortoise move. I'm not too quick to reach the top right. While acting in movies, I am still participating in the modling and beauty competitions. Well, if my first film 'Singh Sahab The Great' hit the box office, then maybe my career was at some other point. Everything here depends on the success of the movie. It is also a great achievement in Bollywood itself to get so much success or to get the results of films without Godfather. Hopefully, 'Sanam Ray' will speed me up.

In the movie 'Singh Sahab The Great', you had romanced romance with Sunny Deol of the age of two from your age, while now you are almost romancing with our humble Pulitzer emperor?

The movie 'Singh Sahab The Great' was a love story film with action based on the issue of corruption, in which the husband's love story was. In this film I played the role of 'Mini', wife of Collector of the district. Secondly, I believe that age is not considered in love. I am a professional artist.

Thirdly, we play characters in the film, at that time our brain is not the front artist but the film's character. In the film 'Singh Sahab The Great', I enacted romance with Sunny Deol, while in the film 'Sanam Ray', I enunciated romance with the Pulakit emperor.

What is the movie 'Sanam Ray'?

Directed by Divya Khosla Kumar, it is a romantic film, in which I played the role of 'Aakanksha' by acting with the Pulakit emperor.

It is discussed that in a song of 'Sanam Re', have you given all the hot scenes while crossing all the borders?

Not so at all. This movie is a romantic song on the Pulkit emperor and me, which we filmed in very cold. In this song, I have worn a pink colored bikini, which people are saying it hot, but wearing bikini for me is common and there is no harm in it. Similarly, in a scene in the movie, people can see me bathing under the shower. There is no harm in this too. It is a common practice in the metro cities to stand down in the shower and after bathing.

What will you say about 'Great Grand Masti'?

This is an adult comedy movie. This is the sequel of 'Masti' and 'Grand Masti'. This is full of bilateral dialogues but the film is not obscene. As an artist, I want to do all kinds of films.

Do you think that it is necessary to have a beautiful face for success in Bollywood?

I believe Talent should be given prominence rather than beauty. I can look beautiful with the face, but this does not mean that I can play every character correctly on screen. I have come to build a career here on the basis of my principles, whenever I come to any film, I want to know first about the script and the role of my character.

In the film 'Part Jouni', did you look in an item song?

Yes, I do not see any problem in doing item number.

What difference do you find in winning and acting beauty competitions?

In Beauty Contest, we present ourselves with beauty while in acting we have to live another character. Yes, in beauty contest we have to fight for the country. There is a pressure that we have to win the title for our country, but we have to work hard on both places. I have enraged both of them.

What's the title of 'Miss Diwa 2015' for you?

This title holds much to me. There is a strong competition in every competition but the number of talented young women in 'Miss Diwa 2015' was very high. So there was a tough competition in this, but after receiving this title, my encouragement from the message received from the whole world increased a lot.

But in 2015, you got out of 'Miss Universe' competition?

I am extremely sorry for this. The title of 'Miss Universe' is very important to me. I always wanted that I could get this title. Honey Singh is often called 'Miss Universe'. The truth is that I wanted to be 'Miss Universe'. In 2012, Sushmita Sen prepared me This time Lara Dutta made me Groom for 'Miss Universe'. I respect both of them too.

You are a successful model and actress. What will be the experience of becoming 'Miss Diwa 2015'?

I never thought about taking part in the 'Miss Diwa 2015' contest. I had won beauty contest before this too. In some competitions, I was unable to take part due to a young age, but I always wanted to do something for my country.

What changes do you now have in your personality?

There was no change. My personality is the same as before. Even today I like to hear Jokes. But now my responsibilities have increased.

Is anyone in your life?

I'm single. But whenever I go out somewhere I am never alone, I have many friends with me. I enjoy walking with friends. I will tell all of this about the person I will love to love.

What kind of prince do you imagine in private life?

The long stature, in which there is a good sance of humor and always laugh at me.

What do you love for you?

Love for me is everything. Love is very important for living life. Today is my first priority love. I am not just looking for a good life partner but I want to love every member of my family and every co-worker. I'm currently alone. Everyone looks good by becoming the center of attraction. I believe there should be truth in love.

Training of your dance has proved to be very helpful in the field of acting

I was confident in the training of dance, discipline came. There is also dance in acting. The kind of art of art, it's a mixture of all those acting. Emotion should come in your eyes while dancing. These two things are necessary for the artist in acting.

What do you do to keep yourself fit?

I always try to eat healthy food. At the same time, I made the rule of sleeping early in the night and rising early in the morning. I always do anxersonize I recommend to all the young men not to do dieting to stay fit.

On one hand, Bollywood films and beauty contests on the other hand. How do you do everything?

All this is not easy for me, because both of me are very important in my own place. I do not want any effect on either of them. But because of my passion, I can manage both things.

What is your wish?

I do not want people to recognize me like a star, but I want people to say about me that I can do good acting.

Which artists want to work with?

Salman Khan, Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan have the desire to work with

These days all new artists are coming to Bollywood. As a result, rivalry has also increased. How do you see it?

I have no worries. I do not consider myself a part of any rivalry. I am not attached to this industry by taking any expectations. I do not pay much attention to what other actors are doing? I just believe in doing my job.

What have you learned the biggest thing till now?

I learned that to move forward, you should intend to do commitment, passion and hard work within us, only then can we win the whole world.

Some people believe that the film does not affect the society?

Wrong, I do not believe that. When I look at the film, it also affects me, after watching the 'Part Milkha Bhag', I became very emotional.Read more

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