Adidas - Eddie was 20 years old when in 1920 he made his own shoes from canvas. In the playground, the shoes were very convenient for Eddie, he even began to make shoes for his friends who were well liked. The first factory made in the laundry, considering the popularity of its shoes, Eddie decided to set up a sports shoes factory with brother Rudy, but there was no money. Both brothers made mother's laundry workshop. When there was no electricity, they used to produce power from the pedal power of the Stationary Bicycle.

story of Adidas--the story of two brothers who started adidas.

 Photo- Adolf Dassler, who made Adidas International brand

- Adolf Dassler, who made Adidas International brand more than 200 years ago, a man named Kristen Dasler stitched shoes at a shoe factory in Herzogenorch, a small town in Nuremberg (Germany). Wife Paolin used to run a small laundry there. The couple had two sons- Adolph and Rudolph, who were lovingly called Eddie and Rudy, both brothers were good players. Eddie was never happy with the fitting of the sports shoe made by the father.
He used to think that how can a player perform such shoes, how good a player can perform in the field.
The owner of Adidas Company, who used to make shoes himself, is such a Brand Story.

 In this way, when Eddie and Rudi made a little money, on July 1, 1924 they formed a company called Dasler Brothers. Adidas Shu in the Olympics In 1928, the first time at the Amsterdam Olympic Games, players wear the Dasler Brothers shoes. By 1930, Eddie and Rudi had started making shoes of different designs for eleven sports. At the Summer Olympics in Berlin in 1936, athlete Jesse Owens wore a Dasler shoe and entered the ground. That's where Adidas' journey started.

Adolf Dasler, who made Adidas an international brand, had sold 28 million shoes, the record for the Dasler shoes increased if Jesse won four gold medals in this tournament that was played in Hitler's presence. Prior to World War II, Eddie and Rudi made a record of selling 28 million shoes, but the war broke out on all the hard work.

 In such a name, in 1947, Eddie and Rudy rebuilt the business with 50 artisans, but in this year, the brothers became untouchable, Eddie added the first three words of Dasler with his nickname Eddie and began to make shoes by the name of Adidas. A year later, Eddie created a trafile (triple arc or trilogy) in his three-band shape.

Sometimes the owner of the Adidas company, who used to make shoes himself, is such a Brand Story in the 80's, Adidas' Dhoom, in the Saucer World Cup held in 1954, the German team entered the field by wearing screw-in-studs of adidas Adidas and defeated Hungary. . This miracle made Edie the god of sports shoes. Eddie is also the first entrepreneur to sign Star players for the promotion of the adidas brand. Several prominent athletes like Jesse Owens, Mohammad Ali, Safe Harbarger, Frog Bikenber promoted the adidas products of the world.

The owner of Adidas Company, who used to make shoes himself, is such a Brand Story.

Mohammed Ali Edi, who had fallen in the ring wearing adidas shoes, also generously spent on aggressive propaganda. In 1972, two warriors of the Fight of the Century, Mohammed Ali and Joe Frasier Adidas wear the shoes only. Adidas is also the first sports brand, which also promoted non-athletes' hiphop group Run-DAC (group of music artists). This group's album "My Adidas" has struck a lot in the 80's.
Fast move in bad times In 1978, at the age of 78, Eddie died, he had more than 700 patents of sports shoes and other sports equipment.

After Eddie's death his wife Cath Dassler took over the business. He died after 6 years, son Horst Dasler became the Chief of Adidas, but died in 1987 at the age of 51 only. After this the company faced bad times, then French industrialist Bernard Tapie lifted it from the crisis. In 1989, Adidas was turned into a cooperation, which once again turned to its roots, making high quality sports shoes.
Tennis star Sania Mirza is Brand Ambassador of Adidas. Adidas and Solomon came together in 1931 in Adidas Sports Equipment, Functional Shoes and Apparel Market. In 1997, Adidas and Solomon joined hands and Adidas-Solomon was established.

adidas became Reebok International's leader in the global footwear market in January 2006. Today, Adidas also produces many other products like deodorant, perfume, after shave lotion. In many countries, the business headquarters of Adidas is in Germany, but its business is spread in many countries. Founded in 1996, Adidas India Market Pvt. Ltd. offers Adidas products in India. There are more than 100 exclusive stores in all over the country. Adidas, Leves and Reebok are dominated by the country's expensive footwear market, but this is the master brand of the market, Adidas. Tennis star Sania Mirza is the brand ambassador of the company.