The second thing important to water for the body is hardly possible. Since more than half of human body is made of water and water plays an important role in extracting all the dirt in the natural way, it is advisable to drink 7 to 9 glasses of water a everyday.

After drinking water becomes poison in the body
After drinking water becomes poison in the body. 

 But do you know that drinking water also has its own way, otherwise it is not too late to change the nectar to poison. Incorrectly misused water at the wrong time only causes harm to the body.

 So let's know about some rules of drinking water-

Drink empty stomach

The person should first drink water first in the morning. It does not have problems with stomach problems such as constipation or dyspepsia, and the stomach is properly cleaned. It is completely up to you to drink water that is kept in copper or drink hot water or mix lemon and honey in water. You can take some water in any way but you must drink one or two glasses of water.

Not with food

Some people always keep a glass of water with food. If you have the same habit then change it today. Never drink water with food. This leads to the digestion process of food. If you are feeling the need to drink water then drink only one or two sips of water. Also try that you drink lukewarm water in place of cold water. By the way, drinking water one hour before eating is considered very good. By doing so, the person's appetite is controlled and the person avoids consuming more calories, which also keeps the weight under control.

Always sit down and drink water

Often we see in homes that people are always in a hurry and drink water directly and away from the fridge in the coming or going summer season. But this habit of drinking water damages the health of drinking water. First of all, doing this does not make the person feel full of fulfillment. Along with this, there is a complaint of pain in the person's joints. So always sit and drink only after drinking water. Instead of drinking one glass of water together, it will be good to drink water by siping.Also read