Mouth pains are painful wounds that develop in the mouth. These lesions are very painful on the small, and there are several reasons for their development. These wounds can develop within the mouth or outside of the mouth.

Ayurvedic treatment of mouth ulcers. New trick 2019
Ayurvedic treatment of mouth ulcers. New trick 2019

Those wounds that develop on the lips such as lips, they are known as 'cold sources', and they develop due to the herpes virus. They are highly contagious, and are transferred from one person to another by a kiss. The blisters inside the mouth are known as 'Aphthus ulcer'.

Outside the mouth is called cold sore.
Cold source blisters are highly contagious.
The bark inside is called aphthous ulcer.
Effith ulcer due to mental stress
Due to mouth ulcers

When cutting the tongue with teeth or brushing the teeth, mouth acacia develops after cutting something in the mouth. Threesets (bracelets) in the teeth can also be caused by mouth ulcers. Aphthous ulcers also develop due to mental stress, and then disappear automatically.

Home / Ayurvedic treatment of mouth ulcers
Applying Kora Katha, used in the pan, provides relief from mouth ulcers.
Mixing honey with honey and chewing powdered sugarcane is beneficial in the bark.
Mixing of triphala ash honey in the mouth ulcer. Rubbing from the spit on the face with sputum gives relief from the ulcer.
Put garlands with water several times a day.
Wash your face with water in your mouth.
Apply 3 or 4 times of ghee or butter in a day.
Coughing with coconut milk or coconut oil gives relief from mouth ulcers.

Chewing some rash of linseed also benefits the mouth ulcers.

By adjusting the cooked cookware, it turns out to be sour and it is very easy to apply this skin on the bark.
Mixing 3 grams triphala powder, 2 grams of adhimadhuram, honey and ghee, making lei by making leai gives lot of relief.

Avoid taking sharp and spicy food and curd and pickle.

The mouth ulcers are also due to occupation, and if this is indeed the case then take a gentle remedies, which will give you great relief. Triphala powder is a very good laxative drug.
Mix honey in Amritdhara on the ulcer of the mouth and apply it to Furry. Amritdhara has 3 Mudras - Peppermint, Sat Ajayvine, and Karpur. Fill them in a vial and keep it in the sun, it will melt and become amritdhara.

It is also beneficial to add fried chapati gourd to the roasted honey in honey.
Drink honey by adding honey in a pan of corn, cinnamon, barberry, neem bark and the same part of Indrajo are also beneficial.
Egg, or henna or guava bark with alkati mixed with leftover also benefits from consuming.
Neem tooth paste or neem mangan also helps in the treatment of ulcers.
Do not eat tobacco anymore.
Clean teeth with tooth paste or tooth mens twice a day.

Eat plenty of green vegetables and fruits.
Drinking whey provides relief from mouth ulcers.

Although the blisters of the mouth are healed themselves, but if they continue for more than a week, or develop frequently, immediately consult your doctor.

Smiling face looks good to everyone and attracts the charm of a person's clean, healthful teeth. The beauty of the face is not only the eyes and lips but also the glowing teeth like pearls make the face and grin beautiful. In such a situation, it is necessary for everyone to know about the health of teeth to keep the face and grin fresh.

How can problems in teeth, why, and what is the solution for them, apart from all this and also many other information related to the health of teeth, you are also beautiful.

Why do teeth become bad. 

When acid attacks on the tooth are started, the upper layer of the tooth starts to move along with the animate time. After this, the second aspect ie Danteine ​​also starts to erode. Then the vein can come in contact with pulp acid. Then the treatment of the root canal is needed.

What is the sign of disease

Feeling of pain in the tooth due to cold or hot substance, the pain of the tooth which goes away, such pain which keeps on awaken at night and swelling around the jaw or around, in the teeth, there is a gesture of disease.

What causes damage. 

Taking tobacco causes teeth to collapse. Due to injury, the teeth can be broken. Deteriorating habits of food, such as after eating sweet, do not clean the tooth causes teeth to be damaged. Do not brush or adopt a wrong way of brushing also damages the teeth. Health related diseases, such as diabetes, dry mouth, intake of many medicines, etc. also damage the teeth.

How to stop

Dental check-up should be done by BDS or MDS Doctor every 6 months. The morning and evening dinners should be brushed after eating. The method of brushing should be correct, for this the information can be obtained from the doctor. If the tooth has gone bad, then it should be filling them soon.

The food should reduce the intake of foods containing more acid, cola and more sweet substances. Use of ventral brushes should be used in conditions of gum drop or after surgery etc.

Root Canal Treatment

In the treatment of the root canal, the canal is cleaned by removing the infected veins, then the canal is filled with inactive substance and after that the spices are filled. After being fully satisfied that the tooth has completely become infected and there is no pain and swelling around the tooth, the cap is placed on the tooth. Sometimes antibiotics and painkillers may be needed.

The treatment of the root canal is completed in approximately 1 to 5. The doctor of the teeth can tell about the condition of the tooth about this.

How long does the tooth treated by root canal

Usually the teeth treated by the root canal can run for 8-10 years. If there is any problem in the tooth, the cap can be removed by removing the cap and then treating the canal. This does not damage the tooth.

What is bleaching of teeth?

Bleaching is a way to make teeth clean, white and shiny. This method is very beneficial for those whose teeth are yellow or yellowish. Stains that occur due to soft drinks or tobacco intake or by consuming drugs, can they be treated in this manner?

How is bleaching

There are 3 ways of this - Infections bleaching, Home bleaching and whitening toothpaste.

Ino bleaching: this is an hour's process. In this, the material of bleaching is applied on the outer part of the front and bottom teeth. Laser lights or bleaching auricles are used to deepen and speed the effect of bleaching. This process takes 20 minutes. 2-3 times after doing this, the effect is visible. This may cause itching on gums for some time.

Home bleaching: In this, a dentist gives a tray where the bleaching substance (10 to 12 percent carbamide peroxide) is used. This is used for 7 to 14 days. In this, the cost is low. But due to lack of supervision of the doctor, there may be trouble in this.

Tooth whitening toothpaste: These have little effect for some time. These toothpaste can be used after the bleach in the evening so that teeth can be kept white and shiny.

The color of teeth can be bad in 2 ways -

Externally, such as caffeine, tea, alcohol or food consumed with saffron.
Inside, such as having more fluoride in water, by taking more antitoxicts such as tratracycline, injury to teeth (if the vein is damaged), heredity which affects the animal. Changing the color of teeth can also be related to age.
What to do for treatment

Externally damaged teeth can be cleaned. Treat the teeth of bad teeth internally in a dentist. If necessary, then remove the 0.5-1.5mm layer of the upper layer (anamal) of your tooth, porcelain vinier or composite veneer can be applied.

Who is better than Porcelain and composite supervisor

In the composite vent, the tooth has to be rubbed lower, but it can take less time and the color can also change. Porcelain Vinier does not change the color quickly and it lasts much longer. But it is expensive and teeth have to be rubbed more.

However, it is important for every age man to keep his teeth healthy, that he should brush in the morning and night before sleeping. This will keep the teeth clean. In children, this habit should be used since childhood.Read more