If you want to get rid of white hair, try these 10 easy home remedies. They make hair dark and healthy.

If you want to get rid of white hair, try it
If you want to get rid of white hair, try it

1) Soak pomegranate powder in water throughout the night. Scour him in the morning and wash his head with that water. Hair will be black and soft.

2) One kg of amla juice, one kilogram of ground ghee, 250 gms of honey, cook all three on a light flame. When the water becomes dry and ghee left, keep it in a bottle and keep it. Put it in hair Hair will turn black in a few days.

3) Mix the gooseberry powder in water and squeeze lemon juice. Wash the hair daily with this mixture. White hair will start to be black.

4) To get rid of the problem of hair whitening at a young age, boil the walnut bark 10 grams, white alum 2 gram and 250 grams of binolai oil together and mix them together. When the water of the nut bark gets water, then take it off. Applying this oil turns black hair dark and thick.

5) Massage the mahabhirangraj oil or sesame oil or coconut oil by slamming the head while sleeping at night and slowly massage with light hands. Doing 3-4 times a week will not result in hair loss.

6) Massage the ghee in the feet of the feet while sleeping. Doing this stops the whitening of the hair.

7) Boil in a hot Amla hot water. After cooling down, remove the kernels by pressing the gooseberry. Eat sugar in the pulp by mixing sugar, cumin seeds, black pepper and rock salt. This gives the hair nutrition and they are not asymptomatic.

8) Grind the gooseberries in the milk with neem and henna leaves and knead them in the night. Wash in the morning. Use this twice a week.

9) Make powder by grinding iron powder, herb, raft, amla and black soil and soak the powder in sugarcane juice for one month. Put this coating a month later. Wash the hair in the morning by putting it in the night.

10) Grind fresh peas and paste them and apply them on the hair or massage the head with a mixture of dried Indian gooseberry powder in water. It keeps the hair dark for a long time.

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