The current time within freezing washed away due to environmental pollution, soil mites face which seems to callousness in your skin and face, it can be languid. To remove these dead cells, women prefer parlor and elegant bleach. While you can bleach Natural with the help of some things present at home. So let us today, we suggest you look at the face that affected minutes about these natural bleach.

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* If the facial skin surly-dry then it will hit the ground face with honey cucumbers remains moisture in the skin.

* Make sesame seeds of honey, sesame oil and lemon juice in the gram flour. Now put it on your face every morning before bathing. This will nurture the beauty of the face.

* Melt the pulp of cooked papaya and make it sour and put it on your face. Let it dry for 20 minutes and then clean it with cloth and apply sesame oil. Daily use of it causes wrinkles of the face to end.

Mix the lemon and honey in equal quantity and then put them on the face. After planting 10 minutes, wash with cold water. Nimba works as a natural face, using it makes the dirt present in the face exiting and the face glows. Lime is beneficial for oily skin face.

* Put coconut water on face twice a day. This will eliminate facial scars and acne.

* Mix yogurt with lenti and mix it with honey. With its regular intake, the chekera skin becomes beautiful and soft.

* Banana contains many nutrients which are beneficial for health and skin. Prepare banana paste and apply it on face. It gives natural moisture to the face. Read more