These are 5 measures to avoid eye disease.

Experts say that it is cost effective to treat drops in the eye for its treatment. At the same
These are 5 measures to avoid eye disease.


Keeping Vitamin B3 in water keeps eyes healthy by drinking.
Glaucoma, i.e., does not seem to reduce the incidence of eye glow.
This is the cheapest and safe treatment for better eye health.

Adding vitamin B3 to water can reduce the risk of eye glucose, that is, the risk of glaucoma can be reduced. It keeps eyes healthy. Experts say that it is cost effective to treat drops in the eye for its treatment.

 At the same time, drinking Vitamin B3 in water is safe and cheap way. This result, after experimenting on rats in a lab, it came out. It can be difficult for the elderly to have medicines in the eyes everyday. In such a way, this treatment is easy for them.

 About 80 million people all over the world are suffering from glaucoma and depend on IDRs. This disease is caused by excess pressure in the eyes because nerves get damaged in it. Due to family history or diabetes, the risk of glaucoma increases. Its treatment is the iDrops, which do not suit everyone, and many eyes produce eye irritation in many cases. In severe cases, patient surgery or laser therapy has to be done.

Experts say that it is cost effective to treat drops in the eye for its treatment. At the same


Symptoms of glaucoma
eye ache
Red eye
Sudden loss of eyesight

It is difficult to correct this disease, however, by adopting some methods, it may be that the eyesight does not diminish. For this, it is important to first catch the disease in the first stage, because it is very slow in Vision loss.

Natural methods of reducing pressure in the eyes. 
By making some changes in your lifestyle that reduce your blood pressure, also reduces eye pressure. There is no side effects of this treatment.

1- Reduce your insulin levels. 
As your insulin levels rise, it causes your blood pressure, and this also increases pressure on your eyes. Over time your body becomes insulin resistant. This is more of those people who have diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure.

The solution to this is that you have to reduce sugar and grains in your diet. If you have glaucoma or are worried about it, then avoid these foods.


2- Exercise regularly. 
The most effective way to reduce the level of insulin is exercise, such as aerobics and strength training. It keeps the insulin in the level control and the eyesight can also be saved.

3- Omega-3 fat supplement.
This disease can be kept away from taking it too. The Omega-3 Fat, called DHA is good for eye health. It does not let the eyes light go away Omega-3 fat, including DAH, is found in fish, but experts give the idea of ​​not eating fish. According to him, Kreil Oil is the best source of this fatty acid.

4- Eat green vegetables.Lute and zekakthin increase the eyesight. Lutein is found in green, leafy vegetables especially in large quantities. It is anti-oxidant and protects eye cells from being damaged.

There is also lutein in the yellow part of greens, spinach, broccoli, sprouts and eggs. But keep in mind that lutein dissolves in oil. Therefore, it is necessary to eat a little oil or butter with these green vegetables.

The yellow part of the egg is full of nutrients, but after cooking it all its nutrients are eliminated. Therefore experts recommend eating sunny side up.

5- Avoid trans fat. Reduce trans fat also in your diet. It also increases the risk of getting the eyes light. Trans fat is found in packaged foods, baked foods and fried foods.

These tips are very beneficial for the eyes, it turns out in 10 days eyeglasses

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Eat a diet containing Vitamin-A for eye health.
Make eye make-up good quality.

From time to time, eye checkup must be done.

That is why it is necessary to protect your eyes from diseases. If the eyes are also looked after from time to time, then problems can arise to a great extent. Also save eyes from diseases.