Put this face on your face just once a day, this thing will be so fair that the face will be seen by everyone
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Put it on face 1 time, so face will white-glow. 

If you have used too many creams to clean your skin. But even if there is no fame in your face then today we are going to tell you about such a home remedies, after which your face will disappear in a few days. Actually the cream that fills your face spoils your face, and not all these creams make your face even more scarred, that is, the damage to your natural beauty. Let's know about skin-warming prescriptions that make your face fair, white, and immaculate in a few days.


(1) oil-1tsp

(2) Aloe vera gel- 1 tsp

(3) Lemon juice - 1 tsp

(4) gram flour - 1 tbsp


First, take lemon juice in a bowl and then add aloe vera gel inside it. If you get Aloe vera gel natural, then this is even better. But if you do not get it, then you can take Alowara jail of any brand. Now take a spoon of oil in it and mix it well. Finally put the gram flour in it and mix it. Let us meditate on one thing, combine all these things in sequence. Now make a nice paste and then apply it on your face.

Method of applying

You can put this prescription directly on your face, that is, when you are going to take bath, apply it and massage for some time and then leave it for some time and then wash it with water. Let us know that such elements are found inside the oil makes the face white and white. Apart from this, the Aloe vera gel takes care of your skin properly and the gram flours also enhance the color of your face. You use it twice a day or three times a week. You will see the difference in your face in a few days. You will see that in a few days your face is visible even further. Read more