Today I have brought some wonderful facts related to the body that you hardly know. So let's know.

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Whenever you are shy or blush your belly also blushes and shines. Whenever you feel bad or when you are very happy then your faces become red, because the face of the face is not that it is cheering or feeling bad because it is because the human nervous system is our Increases blood circulation, which makes our face red, releases adrenaline in our body, causing a tension in our body and whenever we are happy, shy This is the reason why our stomach also becomes red with our face.

Humans are one of the longest running spaces in the world. Human body was able to distance itself from all the world's animals. About 1000 years ago, human beings were hunting for their prey as long as the prey in front of them ran exhausted and tired and could not die. It means that we have always been so strong that we could have killed any of our prey by tiredness.

Our body gets warm You may have felt sweating in the body due to heat. In the amount of heat produced in our body, so much heat can boil it to water in the normal day. This does not mean that we can boil water by keeping the world on our body or on the feet. Because our body has different ways, it is also capable of cooling itself so that our body does not get so much heat that we can not catch it.

There are so many hair on our body as much as a normal chimpanzee is on the body. Normally, if you look at chimpanzee, his whole body is full of hair, our body has the same hair. We can find ourselves lucky that there are so many hair on our body that our human eye can not see it. . And we consider ourselves lucky because none of you or any of us like the chimpanzee should not see

Whenever we look at something carefully, our eyes muscles shake with the same amount of time. You will be surprised to know that within one whole day our muscular muscles shock a million times. If we want to exercise the same muscle of our feet, we will run 50 miles in 1 day.

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