herbs oil for skin disease - After itching on the skin, becoming a ringworm, and after cracking, it becomes irresponsible and shame comes in front of people.If you do not want to add any cream or medication, or if you are not comfortable putting it, then make this skin disinfectant oil at home, it removes these diseases.

Homemade herbal medicinal herbs oil for skin disease.

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| Homemade herbal medicinal herbs oil for skin disease|

Method of making oil: Neem bark, Chiratya, Turmeric, Red sandal, Herald, Barahada, Anvula and Parsi leaves, all equal quantities. Spleen's oil contains the required amount. Soak all eight sources in water for 5-6 hours and grind it and make the clalk.

Take four times the volume of sesame oil and four times the amount of oil in the mixture and put it in a large kitchen. Boil it on the recession for so long that the water will dissolve only oil remains. Fill this oil in a bottle.

Wherever itching, shave it or shave this oil on the whole body. This oil has a miraculous effect. Continue this massage until the benefit, massage before bathing or during the bed and see the miracle.