How do the tickling 'Joker' start Humans come to spend four days of life in this world ... but forty days of gum keeps them in the circle "

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How do the tickling 'Joker' start?

This famous dialogue is in the 1970's film name My name Joker. This film depicts the poignant story behind the life of the Joker who tickled the people in the film. In spite of his poverty and misery, he laughs at his face by laughing at his face.

If you have gone to the circus, then everyone must have seen the Joker's stunner who stole his tricks. His presentation is as brilliant as the toys of a dangerous businessman.

He works to bring laughter on our faces by making his laughs, crying, sad and strange-looking faces. In this case, it will be interesting to know about when and how he knocked in history.

So let's know, with the interesting history of professional joker staging over time-

Royal darbar
The earliest history associated with Joker is old 2400 BC. The first proof of the beginning of their existence is found in ancient Egypt.

By the end of the medieval period, the musical stage was started in the royal courts. He used to entertain people in the royal court All the people present there had done laughing and tickling.

Since this, the Joker gradually appeared or appeared in Greek and Roman society. The people associated with this profession openly strain physical relationships, eating food from the food, performing routine work or performing something like this that people get swept away by laughing.

If we talk about the clown of the modern clowns, its credit goes to Joseph Grimaldi. Joseph London was an entertainer, who pointed out the joker who appeared today.

Joker's history dates back to 2400 BC

The modern Joker 'Joseph' himself was a victim of depression
In the beginning of the 1800s, Joseph started not only the oral comedy but also the physical comedy as well. He also takes great care of his costumes during his staging. He used to paint his face with white paint and also make red spots on the cheeks.

At the same time, she also wears very colorful clothes, in which there are lots of color streaks. Joseph's rejuvenation is such that it is only after seeing them that they laugh.

It is said about Joseph Graemaldi that he used to help the world do the work of laughing, but he himself was a victim of depression. Indeed, his first wife died while giving birth to his child, his father was very dictatorial, and his son got addicted to something that he died at just 31 years of age.

Many storms were enough to hollow them from inside. There was a tremendous pain behind their smiles.

McDonald's made the brand identity.

And then became an integral part of the circus
At the same time in France there was also a prankster, who had tickled many of the French people. His name was Jean Gaspard Deburauau. It was a professional silent Mim artist. He used to wear white color, pearl black obo and red lips on his face in his costume.

He had become a favorite of the people of the whole of France, but in 1836, there was a fear of his name among the people. In fact, he only killed a child because the child had teased him. However, he was soon acquitted of this charge. Due to this incident the image of the murderer was printed in the minds of the people.

If Italy talked about its debut in the country, in the year 1892 the Italian opera was being known as "Pagliyaki". The show by Joker in this show was very famous among the people of Italy. In it the main character was a character named Canio. People who had been very patronized

Over time, tax jokers had become integral to large circuses. Who used to laugh at the audience after a dangerous game like death.
Joker was now considered to be 'stupid'
Now, during the 19th century, the circus and the Joker were staged at a large level. At that time, three-ring circus used to run in the US.

In which the 'Hobo' Joker was. It was a sad face and torn clown clown, which was then very famous. On the other hand, Amate Kelly's 'Vary Willie' was also very famous.

During the years 1950s and 1960s, Joker's character became considered 'stupid', who used to entertain children. In the TV program, the joker named 'Bozo' and his associates laughing at the children had made a place in the heart.

In the year 1963, McDonald had spent a lot of money to make it his brand identity.

In the US, a registered joker 'Pogo' was arrested in the 70's. He was accused of murder and physical abuse of people. He killed more than 35 people in Chicago. Let's say, in 1994, his crime was proven.

It is believed that due to the fact that such a negative image of the Joker became a result, the people who made a living from this profession were greatly damaged.

With Time The Clowns Emerged As Dumb Character
In this way the history of Joker became an integral part of the rajdarbar clowns and modern circuses. The circus jokes are dwarfs, which offer themselves as idiots. His presentation is such that people are forced to laugh.

But, after seeing their history a little closer, it also shows that the 'Joker' was not linked to laughter only, at one time when their costumes also created fear among people.

If you also know some interesting things related to them, then share with us in the comment box.
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