If there is an Indian toilet in your house, then you should know this truth.

Nowadays, many toilets are made in Western toilets instead of Indian toilets, because the people are preferred by Western restrooms because they are very convenient to sit in, but let us know if there is any problem in your feet Or if they are elderly in the house then they should only use Western restrooms, young and healthy people, instead of the Western toilet, of Indian Toilets Used to do much good, today we do better to Itemal Indian toilet that are supposed to tell you health.
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Using the Indian toilet, the position of sitting is made, there is pressure on the digestive system, which makes the stomach good, while there is no such pressure when sitting in the Western toilet, so that the stomach is not as well cleaned. it happens.
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When using Indian Toilets, feet have a lot of use, which is the exercise of the legs, and the leg muscles are strong.

People using Western restrooms use toilet paper, there is a risk of bacteria on their hands, whereas those using Indian toilets use handwashes or soaps, which do not have bacteria on their hands.

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