Make everyday  Cleansing Milk at home by starglamours.

Ross is a wonderful substance from the substance used for beauty, which every person wants to include in their day-to-day care of their skin. Looks at the skin everyday and gives you glowing skin.

Make everyday  Cleansing Milk at home by starglamours
Make everyday  Cleansing Milk at home by starglamours. 

Do so with rose petals, skin care

It does not only give you shining skin but it is also used to get soft and clean skin. Many antioxidants are found in the day, which is why this flower is considered very beneficial for the skin.

All of us like cleansers because it is one of the essential ingredients to clean dust and dirt from the face.

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Well, instead of purchasing cleaners from the market, here we are telling you the method of making cleansing milk daily at home. This cleanser is very cheap and is very beneficial for your skin. So, let's start .......

necessary ingredients:

- Some petals of rose

- One cup milk

- 2 teaspoons glycerine

- 2 teaspoons rose water (daily water)


- Take a rose and carefully remove his petals (for this, you will need 5-7 petals).

Now take a bowl filled with milk and now soak the rose petals in it.

- Wait for up to 6 hours.


- The milk color will gradually become pink. Gulab petals are well-matched.

- The milk will gradually become pink.

Now add two spoons of glycerine to this mixture.


Mix two teaspoons of rose water into it.

-This mixture as a cleansing milk.

You can use the remaining mixture in the fridge and use it later.

Advantages of Rose to Skin:

-ross (Gulab) cleans dust and dirt from the face and thus gives you shining skin.

- It cleanses your skin thoroughly.

Due to having many antioxidants in this flower, it acts as a barrier for the skin.

- It protects your skin from damage to the sun and tanning from the sun.

If you are suffering from acne problems, it is best for you to use Daily Cleansing Milk as it protects from skin acne.

- It cleans stains and acne scars from the face.

- Regular use of roses can be avoided by fine lines, wrinkles, and increasing age spots.

Glycerin Benefits:

Glycerin is an important component that is helpful in maintaining the pH level of the skin, and keeps your skin moist for a long time.

- It prevents the face from coming out of the nail or acne.

- Using glycerin for a long time causes facial wrinkles and fine lines to fade.

- It relaxes the skin under the eyes.

If you have dark circles or swelling problems under the eyes then you must use glycerin.

Daily water benefits:

- Daily water provides relief from skin itching.

- It helps in the prevention of stains or acne scars on the skin.

- Daily water provides you with clean and shining skin.

- It protects your skin against harm or tanning from the sun.

By using everyday water, your skin always keeps on freshening and glowing.

Benefits by milk:

- Milk cleans the skin well.

- It cleans dust and dirt from the face and thus gives you shining skin.

- This closed romance opens the pores and thus protects the skin from acne.

- This reduces the size of the hair follicles easily.

- Regular use of milk gives you soft and baby soft skin.

- It fits your color.Read more