make your hair dense and long- Who does not want to wear beautiful and dark long hair, because every person's head is crowned by a child. Therefore, there is a great reduction in the beauty of any person without any hair. The same black long and thick hair increases their beauty to a great extent. If you talk about women then hair is very important for women.

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To make the hair faster and thicker, add this one thing in Mehdi.

Because they put four faces in their beauty. But due to the changing lifestyle and eating habits of the people of today, there is also a lot of problems for the hair besides the hair. Due to this, many people's hair starts to cook or fall in the early age. If you are also troubled by this problem. So today we have come with a very easy solution for you. In which, once a week, mixing one thing with Mehndi will make your hair dense and long

What we were talking about with friends Mehndi It is almond oil. Almond oil contains Vitamin C, E and all those elements are present. Which are considered necessary for the nourishment of hair. In a wrought iron, add yeast powder and almond oil and cook it for a while, keep this paste for cooling. When this mixture is ready, apply it in your hair 1 hour before bathing. Then wash your hair with a herbal shampoo. Make this remedy only once a week, this will make your hair grow darker and dense long.

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