Mobile Heating•mobile heating problem solution in English. 

 Over existing in most cases is a hardware issue but you can do some such measures that will keep your mobile safe at all Know how to save mobile from overheating.

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1. Remove the cover: remove the cover if the mobile is in the cover all the time. This will give the heat a place to exit. Especially during the use of charging and heavy applications, remove the cover.

2. Keep on hard surfaces during charging: Keep it on hard surfaces whenever you are charging the mobile. Keep this in a place like a table. Do not keep in places like sofa, bed. When the heat comes out from the mobile, it is easily removed on the hard surfaces whereas the dumpling remains on the spot and the mobile keeps getting hot.

3. Do not charge mobile all night: Some people put on mobile charging before sleeping. In such a situation, the mobile is charged all night whereas it takes only a few hours to charge it. This overcharging has an effect on battery capacity and overheating is done for a long time.

4. Get rid of these apps: Some apps eat more processing power and graphics. Such apps make the batteries and devices more hot. They keep walking in the background and keep using the power continuously. It overflows the mobile. Remove these apps from the mobile.

5. Save the mobile from direct sunlight: To keep your mobile cool, protect it from direct sunlight. Do not leave it in the sunlight more often. Around the heat, the temperature of the mobile also increases.

6. Stop the use of other mobile chargers and batteries: often charging the charger to mobile charging. Apart from this, the handsets of other mobile phones are also installed. This makes the mobile hot. Your charger and battery are specially for your grinding. Avoid doing this.Read more