Mukesh Ambani's son Akash was married on March 9 this month. The wedding took place from Bollywood to Hollywood stars in this wedding. Akash's marriage function lasted four days. All major celebrities from abroad were given Z + security. Many stars gave performance at the wedding. Apart from all these, Mouni Roy also reached the wedding to attend the function.

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Function was to give Moani a performance. But they threatened to cancel their performance on an occasion. After this act of silence, there was talk of them in the whole party. Actually, the party's security was very tight. The Ambani family did not want that there was no untoward incident in their home wedding. Because of this, the phones of all the guests were sealed before entering the venue. Everyone obeyed, but Mauni refused to seal his phone. After much explanation, Mouni sealed his phone.
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But when he went to prepare in the green room, he tried to remove his phone seal. There were sensors in the seal, so that the security officer came to know. He immediately approached Mouni and sealed his phone again. There was a lot of debate between the money and the security officer during this period. Mouni once again removed his phone sticker. The security officer asked Mouni not to do it again.

After all, Mauni threatened to cancel his performance. After much debate, Mauni got ready to perform. Because Mauni took advance payment. Because of this, they had to perform. Read more news