Mix these 2 things into multani soil, the color of the face will come in the faint.

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Today, we are going to tell you a very amazing remedy, so that you can bring glory to your skin in the summer too, this remedies are very effective, your face's dead skin, which gets stains on your face. It is easy to eliminate all these prescriptions, zhees, feathers, even if you have trouble with leprosy in your face, or the fash has become absolutely dull and lifeless, due to which your entire beauty is bad It has become dark or dark circles under the eyes, 

this recipe is a panacea for all these.

To make this remedy, you will first need Multani clay because Multani clay is cold and in summer the rattles and pimples on our faces, Multani clay is very effective, for the oily skin, Multani clays are extremely If effective, then take a spoonful of maltani clay powder, now it will also take a spoon of gram flour and a spoonful of sandalwood powder.

Now all three things are to mix well, now mix the rose water in it, so that the powder can get the form of paste, now it is necessary to clean the face with rubbing of cotton on its face before applying it, and Then immediately apply this paste to your face, using this remedie 3 times a week makes it look different. Read more