must read 20 shocking things about China. 

If you consider China as a traitor by reading history books or hating China by seeing the Chinese merchandise, then we tell you about 20 such things about China, which will not only enlighten you about this country, Rather, at least once in your lifetime, you will definitely make the journey to this country.

1. Rich people of China can send others to jail instead of theirs.
2. The ability to buy in China is more than the US. In this regard, China is the world's largest economy.
3. People who speak English are more than America, in China.
4. There is a website in China where girlfriends get on lending. One week's rate is less than two thousand rupees.
5. If you look at the giant panda in any corner of the world, the eyes will be blinded that it has the power of China. China has leased this species. And then and their children will also be considered as the right of China.
6. If you are in China, you can relax on the beds decorated in the IKEA store. IKEA is the world's largest furniture store.
7. If you go out to look at Earth with a hot air balloon, China's Yangshuo City will be the most beautiful sight.
8. By the year 2025, China will have 10 cities equivalent to New York.

9. China has the highest demand for soup made from bird's nest. It is also called 'Itteal Bird Nest' soup or 'swiftlet'. Imagine the price of this soup, from the point that the nest used for this soup is sold at a rate of 1.5 lakh rupees per kg.
10. In China, a boy sold his kidney only to buy the iPad.

But before getting the ticket to China, know these things too -

11. If the entire population of China passes in front of you by putting a line, then that line will not end in your lifetime. (Because there is too much bert rate).
12. America's San Francisco city has 29 percent air pollution due to China.
13. In recent times, a man in China was in the headlines, who drank so much spicy and spicy soup that he had a hole in his stomach.

14. In China, there are many skyscrapers that have been deserted. None of them survived Even then, the construction of new buildings in the city is in full swing. China's aim is to make 20 cities every year for the next 20 years. However, there is no planning to settle those cities. This is the reason why many cities of the city are also called 'ghost city'.
15. In China, a man was sentenced to 12 years in prison because he killed and ate the last Indek-Chinese tiger. In his defense, the man said that he killed the Tiger in his defense.
16. There is a serious problem of brain drain in China. According to the figures, 7 of the 10 Chinese students who have studied in different countries never returned. Interestingly, most of them like to live in America.

must read 20 shocking things about China, china.

17. Hollywood actor Brad Pitt can never go to China because he worked in the movie 'Seven Years in Tibet'. The film's second hero, David Thulis, and the film's director Jean-Jacques Anod also banned.
18. China's longest traffic jam was till 10 days. In the August 2010 incident, the route to Beijing from Mongolia to Beijing was 60 miles.
19. In China, a man made a case for his wife only because she was ugly and she won the case too. Husband had claimed that due to the ugliness of the wife, her children became ugly. In fact, before the marriage, the man's wife had done her plastic surgery.
20. There are so many incidents of suicide in China that there may be a job of Body Fisher. The work of these people is to remove dead body from the river.Read more