Want to look beautiful, heavy 3x thick lips-If you take the help of botox to look beautiful, then be careful. It can ruin your beauty rather than grow.

Big lips. Beautiful girl have big and think lips

Oopsss..What did it do for beauty. Haahaahaaa

Women or men, every person wants to look beautiful today. Many people take help with artificial beauty treatments in a desire to look beautiful. But as artificial beauty treatment can increase your beauty, many more may even spoil your face, because it has many more side effects.

Something similar happened with the 29-year-old Rachael Knappier. Actually, this lady had injections to show lips to be thick. After injection, she began to suffer very severe pain and swelling of the woman's lips. After this, the upper lip of the woman was 3 times thicker than usual.

After seeing this, the woman gave information to her beautician, but the beautician said it to be allergic to the lips on the lips. But despite this the woman's lips became thick After this, the woman was taken to the hospital.

A London clinic treated the woman, 72 hours after which the woman's lips came in normal shape. After this incident, the lady said that she would never advise any enemy to do Botox anymore.
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