World Mental Health Day is celebrated on 10th October every year to raise awareness of mental health issues and to organize the collaborative efforts of mental health. This year, the theme of World Mental Health Day by the Indian Government is "Adult and mental health in the changing scenario of the world.Today it has become very easy to find the answer to any question. Google Baba gets the answer to every question. What is the natural way to remove acne? Google is the most searched on diseases like diabetes, thyroid and cancer.

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Q. How and for what reasons are the stress.

Second number after stress, lack of sleep

But, you will be surprised to know that in many countries of the world Google is more stress-sensitive than those diseases. That is, Google is proving to be a good tool for answering basic questions about health. It is in every aspect of our life, whether there are stress in office or stress in your relationships.

A new study of the Medicare Health Plan has revealed the symptoms that are most searched in every American state. The 'stress' was the first word in the most typed illnesses in the search engine. The number of people finding a solution to stress due to the cracks and work in relationships is the highest.

After the stress, the second most searched health problem has been discovered about 'lack of sleep'. After this, 'digestion' is also the most searched in Google.

How and for what reasons are the stress.

The beginning of adolescence and adulthood is the time of life, when there are many changes. For example, it is exciting time for many people to change school, leave a home, start a college, university or a new job. But for some people it may be time for stress and doubt.

Increasing use of online and with the advent of new technology, additional pressure is going on for the people of this age group, which is emerging as a major cause of tension somewhere. However, if it is not recognized at the time and prohibited, then this stress can cause mental illness.

World Mental Health Day started in 1992.

Keep in mind that World Health Organization (World Federation for Mental Health) has established World Mental Health Day in 1992 in order to take care of the mental health of the people of the world. However, India had initiated the initiative 10 days prior to confirming the care of mental patients and started the National Mental Health Program (NMHP) in the year 1982 to ensure availability and accessibility of mental health care.Read more tips