running shoes Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?

Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?

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Have you ever seen the entire city jumping in the battle of two brothers!

running shoes It may sound strange to hear this, but it is true! This unique battle is the owners of Adidas and Puma Company, which is the most interesting story of Brother's fight in the corporate world.

running shoes -Interestingly, because not only the entire city had jumped in this war. Even personal relationships of people also took a stake.

running shoes -The people of the city were involved in this fight in such a way that at one time they even saw their company wearing shoes when selecting their partners.

So, I know this whole event-
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Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?

Part of World War I
The story of the two brothers begins in Germany, on the banks of the river Aahah, from the town of Tsogenaurakh. In the same city, Rudolf Yani Rudy and Adolp i.e. Eddie lived with their parents Christophe Dassler and Paulina.

Adidas and Puma: How big brands made from the fight of two brothers?

His brother Fritz and sister Mary Dasler also lived with them. Father Christoph used to work in a shoe-making company and mother Polina used to run the laundry. The three brothers used to help Mother, so they were known as the Laundry Boys.running shoes

Call it luck or destiny that the three brothers had to be admitted to the army during World War I. According to Germany's law, Fritz and Rudy were ordered to join the army in World War I. Rudi was learning how to make shoes with his father on those days and then Eddie also went to the army.
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A journey from 'Dassler Brothers'
When the World War ended, Eddie converted the mother's closed laundry room into a shoe company and started making shoes.running shoes, 

In 1924, Rudy-Eddie founded the Dassler Brothers Shoe Company. The brothers had a tremendous attachment to the game. This was the reason that both of them decided that only sports running shoes would be made in their company. Luck favored and company turned out

If the factory moved, then the lifestyles of both the brothers also changed. Building a magnificent house near the factory of both brothers. After marriage, Rudy and his wife used to live on the upper floor and Eddie and his wife Cathy were left behind.running shoes, 

This was the time when their status was increasing in the society. Meanwhile, the interest of the two brothers increased to sports. Especially for soccer, both of them were crazy. It is said that at one time both of them used to be supporters of different soccer teams in the city.running shoes, 

Become Jesse Owens Brand Ambassador
In 1936, the Olympic Games in Berlin, Germany, are very important in the history of the world and also in the lives of the Adi-Rudy brothers. A few days before the start of the game, Eddie Dassler convinced Jesse Owens to wear shoes for her company. Jesse Owens became the first brand ambassador of the company.

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This was not less than a great deal for 'Dassler Shu Company'. After winning the four gold medals of Owens at the Olympics, their success gave a new identity to 'Dassler Shoes' among the world's most famous players.running shoes, 

It was not that the letters to the other brothers from other national teams were coming to the notice of the brothers. He wants to buy his company's shoe. In this way the business went on fast and the Dassler brothers succeeded in selling 200,000 pairs of shoes per year before World War II!running shoes, 

Clouds of misery- running shoes, 
Over time both brothers joined the Nazi Party, but Rudolph was slightly closer to the party, and this thing somewhere darkened Eddie.running shoes, 

During the Second World War, a growing crack between the pair reached the brink of break in 1943. Misunderstanders did the wall work between the two. Hitler had committed suicide following the defeat of American forces in war, and on the other hand, the U.S. military summoned those who were suspected to cooperate with Hitler.running shoes, 

In this order both brothers were called. Eddie survived after referring to the help given to Jesse Owens, Rudolf was detained for a year. During the detention, Rudy came to know that a nearby person informed the US military about his political proximity.running shoes, 

His doubts went straight to his brother. This increased the fight between the two. After coming out of internment, the conflict between the families of the two brothers became commonplace.running shoes, 

... and two were torn apart 'Dasler Brothers'

This led to the separation of business from both brothers in 1948. After this split, Adolp started a company of his own sportswear, christening it with his nickname Aidi and the first three letters of his last name, including the mosquito, and installed it as Adidas.running shoes, 

Rudi also started his own company and while imitating Eddie, Rudy formed a new firm called Ruda, which was taken from Rudolf in Rudolf and Dassler. Well, this company was named Puma later on.

After making their own company, the two started competing behind each other. Both companies became so busy with each other that they were not aware of any third company.

In this private fight, Adidas missed the signing of the famous basketball player Michael Jordan and took advantage of it, the second biggest shoe maker, 'Nike'.

Let's say that today Nike's business is more than Adidas and Puma!

Still fight till the last breath
Regardless, both of these fights did not stop. The interesting thing was that both of them along with the people of his city Hatsogeneuhrkh were also fighting. The reason was that the two companies set up at a distance of just five hundred meters.running shoes, 

Since, a large population of the city used to work in these two companies. Therefore, most of the people in the city will be subject to this dispute. Before talking to each other, people looked at shoes. The result of this is that Hatsogeneuhrach was called a city with a necked neck.running shoes, 

It is surprising that there was a time when marriages in this city were started on the basis of shoes only. Adidas wore adidas shoes wearers and the same was also Puma.running shoes, 

After the death of Rudy and Adolf!
Both the brothers settled at a gap of four years and keeping their conflicts in mind, the tombs of both have been made at two ends of the cemetery.running shoes, 

In 1980, Rudolf's family sold 75% of its shares in the Puma company to the French Caring Company. 10 years after that, in 1990, on the day Germany's soccer team reached the World Cup final, Adidas was left out of the hands of Adolph Dassler's family.running shoes, 

In 2009, employees of both companies played a friendly football match in the city, forgetting mutual hatred. Later, Rudolf Dassler's grandson Frank Dassler worked on the post of Chief Legal Counsel in Adidas, forgetting hostility.
running shoes,  Today the world's two big brands!
Adidas has world-class headquarters in Germany and there are many other business locations around the world. Among them Hong Kong, England, Japan, Australia and Spain are some of the main ones. With the 'Manchester United' replacement of Nike in 2015-16, Adidas made a kit deal for 10 years, which was around 750 million dollars.running shoes, 

This is the most valuable kit deal in the history of the game so far. Significantly, Adidas is also a Reebok owner. In 2005 Adidas bought the company for $ 3.8 million.running shoes, 

That's what Puma is known for his football shoes.

He has sponsored prestigious football players like PelĂ©, Eusebio, Yohan Crayf, Ango Francescoli, Diego Maradona, Lothar Matthias, Kenny Delgishish, Didier Deschamps and Gianlui Bophon.running shoes, 

Puma Jamaica's track athlete is also sponsor of Usain Bolt!

The company also offers lines shoes and sports clothes designed by Lamine Coet, Amy Garbers and others.running shoes, 

In such a situation, it is difficult to say who is the number one.running shoes, 

Yes! One thing is of course that both of the best brands in the world are from.running shoes, 

Why is not it right?Read morerunning shoes,