Porn star 'Sunny Leoni has now made a lot of names in Bollywood. He was happily doing whatever he got in the beginning by the kind of cheerful Sunny Leoni. As a result, today most of the filmmakers and directors like to take them in their films.

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Sunny Leone does not feel bad about her p.o.r.n, because she has done her wishes whenever she has worked, thinking wisely. According to them, those who say p.o.r.n films are bad, they also like to see them. This is the reason why the market of porn movies has already increased significantly.

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Presented, special part of the conversation with Sunny Leone:

How is bollywood the life of your life?

Bollywood has completely changed my life. When I first came here for only 2 weeks, I had thought of going back to Los Angeles but today I have done many films.

It was not an easy job for me to get myself into the film industry. If I remember the old days, I would wake up every morning and try to smile on the lips like a professional for the production house, always be happy to do the act, to do whatever I can get it, this will give me a chance to get into Bollywood there. Neither I am a good actor nor a good dancer. But I have mastered all the work in day-to-day work. There should be circumstances, we must live our lives completely.

What do you like or dislike Bollywood?

I know what people say about me, but it does not affect me. Talking about the choice, I am doing films, I have become a part of the industry and many people here are my fans, I am happy Speaking of dislike, the people who call me Bhalabura do not make any difference to me. Apart from this, how the industry operates here, it was not easy for me to know.

Everything in America is different, but there are also emotions along with work in which I have to adjust because the Bollywood industry does not adjust with anyone. No work here at the time

What is your dream project?

I wish I could get a chance to do a lead role in a big budget movie. Besides this, I also want to do period films where I will get an opportunity to know about India's history. If there is any interstitial biopic then I would love to do.

What is your production company doing these days?

When I came here it came to know that it is very important to open a company to do business here. Then I opened a company named 'Suncity Media Entertainment'. If I get a good story then I will make a film. I do not have any hurry. There is also a desire to make a thriller film.

Which films are doing next?

I have now done the film 'Tera wait' with Arbaaz Khan, who has come on the screen. This is a romantic thriller movie. Apart from this, I am going to do some more films too.Read more