Surveen Chawla Baby Shower Photo: 

Fox News: Surveen Chawla Baby Shower Photo 2019
Fox News: Surveen Chawla Baby Shower Photo 2019.

Bollywood actress Surin Chawla
who is known as Het Story Girl, is going to be a mother soon. Recently, she had a baby shower. Where Surveen appeared in two different eyes. During the morning festoon ritual, Suryavans were seen wearing silk saris in the country look, in the evening, they came in the glamorous look in the shoulder gown at the party. These photos of Surveen are becoming viral and fans are continuously liking and sharing them.

Look like a line and a Deepika ...

The special thing is that in the country look, Surwin wore yellow silk sari with a pink blouse and was wearing a lot of ornaments. There was a dot on the forehead and a haircut was made. Seeing this look of Surwin, Fans remembered Deepika Padukone. Which often appears in this look. Well, this look of the famous Sauveen for the Hot & Bold Look was also quite amazing. From these photos you will not be able to even remove the eyes.

Sexy look showing in orange gown ...

A glamorous look in the Pregnancy period also learned from a superfine. In the evening when Saurin appeared in the ornamental ponytail in the evening, everyone's eyes remained on him. By the way, Sueveen has been continuously sharing a glamorous picture of more than one while doing baby bump flotts on social media since last few days. It will not be wrong to say these photographs that Surveen is looking more beautiful than ever before in pregnancy.Read more