When a boy likes a girl, then the whole thing is known to the boy about this boy, but if the boy likes a boy, then anyone will never know this thing except the girl. 

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Always keep a secret of your mind and your heart, sometimes it happens, the boy whom the girl likes, the boy propose to the girl herself, even if the girl does not speak to the boy, even if Any such The girl who is your friend or you talk to the girl anywhere with the girl and you want to know whether the girl likes you or not? So you want to tell us a few ways in which you can learn this very well.

When you chat with your friends, you will not have to do more than 5 minutes from Hard, if a girl is busy with your hours chatting, then this means that the girl is thinking about you only what you are thinking . If a girl responds to you big, then it means that the girl does not love you just like it, because when we have any of the felings, then we feel good to write such a long message Land.

If you feel that the girl is trying to learn about your relationship again and again, she intends to make a relationship with you.

If the girl annoys you or fights with you, then it also means that the girl is telling you that she wants you from her that she can be your girlfriend and be able to hold her right over you.

When you ask the girl to call, the girl refuses you, if you want to do something, then she does exactly the opposite work, that means she does not believe in your matter, for no reason, she To annoy you, you do exactly what you do, it means that the girl likes you.

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