Too yellow teeth will turn white.

this trick make Yellow teeth will become white. 

this trick make Yellow teeth will become white
Often, because of lack of self confidence, some people do not open up smiling. The reason for this is the yellowness of their teeth. Due to not caring for properly or to freeze the plaque, the teeth become yellow. Apart from this, the use of continuous use of food items, increasing age or excessive medicines may also be due to the yellowing of teeth.

Most of us pay a lot of attention to the beauty of the face, but do not pay attention to the beauty of teeth in time. In such cases, when teeth become too yellow or clumsy, it does not look good. If you have this problem with you then follow these ten ways to make the teeth white ... Basil-Tulsi has the amazing ability to remove the skin of the teeth. Also, Basil protects from mouth and tooth diseases. Dry basil leaves dry in the sun. Brushing the powder with toothpaste combines brushing teeth. Salt-salt is a centuries-old recipe to clean teeth. Combining a little charcoal in the salt, cleansing the tooth will remove yellowness and the teeth start shining.

Orange peel - Make powder by drying orange peel and basil leaves. After brushing, massage this powder regularly on the teeth daily. Due to the presence of vitamin C and calcium in orange, the teeth begin to shine like pearls. Carrot- Eating daily carrots reduces the yellowing of the teeth. Actually, after feeding the carrots, the fibers present in it make good cleanliness of the teeth. Neem-Neem has been used to clean teeth since ancient times. Neem has properties to make teeth white and eliminate bacteria. It is natural antibacterial and antiseptic. There is no dental disease on the mouth after washing the mouth with a neem teeth. After brushing, brush the teeth with a little baking soda. From this, the yellow layer on the teeth becomes slowly cleaned.

Brushing together with baking soda and little salt toothpaste also cleans teeth. Lemon-lemon is a fruit that increases the salivation of the mouth. Therefore it is beneficial for the health of teeth and gums. Take a lemon juice and add the same amount of water in it. Rinse with this water after eating. By adopting this prescription, the teeth become white and the odor of breath is also removed.

Strawberries - Strawberry is the most testistic solution to make teeth shiny. Malic acid found in strawberries makes the teeth white and glossy. Grind strawberries. Mix a little baking soda in its pulp. After brushing, put the mixture on the teeth with fingers, the teeth will start shaving. Banana-banana grind. Massage teeth for 1 minute daily with its paste. After that brush the teeth. By taking these measures daily, gradually the yellowing of teeth will end.

Vinegar- Mix apple vinegar in a teaspoon olive oil. Dip your toothbrush in this mixture and lighten the teeth lightly. Repeat this process until the mixture is finished. By adopting this prescription, the yellowing of the teeth disappears. Also, there is no problem of breathlessness.Read more

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