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UV rays get 99 percent protection in this tip_starglamours

ultraviolet rays The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays are harmful to your skin.The most common cause of wrinkles, fine lines, colors, zips is UV rays.Black Umbrella provides protection from UV rays up to 99 percent.

ultraviolet rays _As the summer season starts, it is difficult to walk in the sun. The sun's harmful ultraviolet rays along with sunlight are harmful to your skin. 

ultraviolet rays _Facial skin is very fragile, so these ultraviolet rays are quickly affected. Wrinkles, fine lines, skin rupture, effects on the skin, and the biggest cause of swine flu are UV rays on skin before age. 

ultraviolet rays _These harmful rays can also cause skin-related diseases as well as skin cancer. So if you want to save yourself from sunlight UV rays, then keep these things in mind.

Apply sunscreen before sunburn.

ultraviolet rays Whatever the weather, if you are coming out of the house then it is necessary to apply sunscreen. You must have at least 20 SPF sunscreen in accordance with your skin. Apart from this, if you live in sunlight for long, you should keep sunscreen in every two hours.

Cover the whole body.

ultraviolet rays Walking out in the sun or something important is to cover your entire body. For this wear sunglasses, wear a stall, hat and whole arm cloth to cover your head. Keep in mind that the facial skin is fragile, so cover the face and hands well while leaving the sun. Sweating quickly after drying cotton cloth Try that your hat should be wide and the specs are UV protection.

Drink plenty of water.

ultraviolet rays -Water is essential for our body in every season. If you are going out in the sun, then keep a bottle of water with you. By drinking water, toxins present in the body, the toxic substances are released. In addition, sweat is more flowing in the heat, so drinking water can keep the body hydrated. Drinking water keeps the moisture of the skin and the glow remains. Apart from this, the risk of Suntan is also reduced due to sunlight.

Eat fruits and green vegetables.

ultraviolet rays; avoid the effects of UV rays and sunshine, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. During the summer season, fruits like cucumber, cucumber, watermelon, melon, grapes, mangoes etc., which give nutrients to your body and also complete water shortage. Fresh fruits contain antioxidants that protect the skin from harmful rays of sunlight.

Take the umbrella and if necessary, then leave it out.

ultraviolet rays Get out of the house when necessary in the summer. Usually the sunlight is very fast from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. So try to get out at least during this time. If you have to go to compulsion, use black umbrellas. Using it, the UV rays get 99 percent protection.Read more tips,.