These are the two 'dwarves' of the underworld, whose terror and terror were made
Mexican Narco Don El Chapo has been convicted in the US.

Who is the underworld's two dangerous' dwarves.?
Who is the underworld's two dangerous' dwarves.? 

There are many things interesting between Archbishop and Italian donor Cosa Nostra. Both were dreaded, boggy, irreverent emperors but the conditions and circumstances were different. Full Story.
'That crime is the cruelty of some clumsy, which is regrettable.'

- P. W. Wodhouse, famous writer

In the world of crime, he could not take any finger at his sultanate. His horror was his identity. But, there was a time when some voices were raised against him. Then he took another cavalier step and raised the whole underworld But, after the slaughter, the silence remained the system's compulsion.

Cosa Nstrong Gang of the Sisli state of Italy was one of the world's most notorious criminal gangs and its donor was Salvatore 'Toto' Reena. Rina was so dangerous that she was known as 'The Beast', a wild animal among underworld and under-fire agencies. When Rina showed a hazard to her credibility, she made a high profile kidnapping.

After a 13-year-old boy was beaten, he was locked in a chair in a zakhmi condition. In that little dark and scary room the groans were echoing after screaming. Open the door of that room and in front of that dumb boy Reena reached with his 17-year-old son and one of two special companions. Reena made a gesture from the eye and started a terrible game ahead.

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Reena's right hand gave a tough iron iron stew to the young son of Reena. He looked surprised at his father, Rina.

Cosa Nostra Zindabad. Cosa Nostra wants the heir of Reena and also to see his breath. The name of your father is terror. Now you have to start the journey to handle this legacy of terror. This soft soft-skinned boy is your beginning. Take this cloak from the chain and take it out of the dead and handle the name of your father.

Reena's son had done the first murder with great difficulty and with great nervousness, and then she saw the horrific face of her dreadful father, who had full underworld tremors. It does not end here. After the kidnapping of this kidnapped boy, the body was thrown into acid and thrown into acid. After this massacre, the passage had clearly reached every opponent's camp, that neither Rina advocated peace nor did she tolerate the voice rising against her.'

Rina, who started the Cosa Nostrada gang in Sisley's Underworld around the year 1975, had horrified terrorism in Italy for nearly two decades. After the arrest of Reena in 1993, a trial was conducted against him and he was sentenced to one but not many years of imprisonment. In the year 2017, Rina died during the treatment of cancer in prison, but till the time of her death, she did not give any kind of remedies about remorse or her pregnancy, so that she could be considered somewhat sensitive.

'Game of Thrones' in 'Godfather's Gang'

There is no direct connection to the donor of Italy's Cona Nostrada, Ronnie El Chapo, of the Sinaloa Cartel of Mexico, but in many ways similarities and similar situations in both the life and ways of Don It is interesting to know some differences.

'Revolution and crime are both born from poverty' - Aristotle

Born in poverty conditions in the Karlian region of Italy, and growing up, Reena stepped into the world of crime in Tunis. In the 1950-60s, under the circumstances of the gang war in these areas of Italy, Rina grabbed the limelight and started making rumors. In the 70s, Reena stepped into the drug trade and soon became the most dangerous don of the Sicilian underworld as soon as she became the uncrowned king of the Narco underworld.

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Similarly, El Chapo was also the son of a poor peasant family in the Sinalloa province of Mexico. Chapo's father had a small field of opium and this was the first school of the arch. Chapo also took the support of an established gang to make a name in the criminal world, leaving his father and village in Teenage in the crime scene. He started working with a don and made his gang Sinaloa Cartel in the late 80's.

There was also a similarity between the two that both of them never read after the primary school. Reena also said, "I read up to primary school, but there was no need for a doctor to make a career in Cosa Nostra." Similarly, after reading to the third class, Chapo also came in the opium business with his father.

The two names found in the underworld
Rona of Cosa Nostra and Don El Chapo of Sinaloa Cartel were given the same name in the underworld 'Dwarf'. Both of them
Both of them were from small stature, so both of them got this name. In Spanish the meaning of chapo is dwarf and the meaning of paro in the language of sisli Apart from this name, both got one name and one. Rina, known as 'Boss of Bosses', was called 'La Belva', 'The Beast' in English, and 'El Rapido' was named because of the skill of fasting.

One has challenged the system;

Both Reena and Chapo were dangerous enemies of their time, but with the governments both the attitude of the sky was different. Mina's aggressive Reena, in her own time, did not accept even the state and the system's fees, openly challenged and bought a direct hostility. He killed judges, journalists, officers and leaders. Even Rina was behind the murder of a former president of Sisli. These steps of Reena had given it a dreaded and extremely dangerous donation status.

On the other hand, the methods of arcus were different in this case. Chapo mixed the poison of corruption and kept the entire system in his pocket. In the custom, security and legal departments, everyone used to make a lot of rubbish from top to bottom level. Even Chapo had bribed many Mexican presidents, up to hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not that Chapo did not kill, but he did not attack the system directly.

Drugs business and relationship with America
Both Rina and Chapo made their own dominance in the drugs business, namely the Narco underworld, but both of them were somewhat different. Due to the political situation created after the Vietnam War in the 70s, Sesli was becoming the largest center for the production and sale of heroin. Reena, who has joined the Mafia, took control of the drug business in order to control these conditions. The market of heroin smuggling was such that it was a demand for big prices in America. Rina had created a rivalry from Sisli to the US in the way that it was compared to the infamous Don Escobar.

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Sicilian Don Reena and Mexican Mafia El Chapo.

On the other hand, Chapo also made Cenloa of Mexico the largest hub of drugs, especially meth and cocaine. Chapo also smuggled drugs in the US but the arc was one step further and he started trafficking in other countries of the world after spreading the drug business in America. The time of the arduous coincided with the Cold War, was the period of expansion of organized crime. In Asia where Dawood like Dawood Ibrahim was active, in the US,

Both Rina and Chapo ran multinational gangs in the business of drugs but the arch was overtaken. Both of them proved the law as weak and lazy. Both of them tried to blur the line between crime and capitalism, both of which were successful too.

Heir to the legacy of both of them
After the trial, after being sent to Rina jail for life, Kosa Nostra collapsed in a way. There were many types of small clans and Dawn emerged and Cosa Nosr was as big and powerful, and none of his tenth was left. Similarly, after fighting for the last two years in Chapo's custody and conviction in the trial, the battle for supremacy in the Sinaloa Cartel continues.

Several types of gangs are emerging to handle the legacy of Chapo and there is a continuation of mutual rivalries and attacks. Experts believe that the fall of Chapo's cartel is near and it will also be wasted like Cosa Nostra.

Drugs like corruption are also part of the society
Narco traffic is a system because drugs like corruption have also dissolved in the roots of the society. Rina Ho or Chapo, Drugs underworld will end with the collapse of anybody, it can not be considered. Experts say that this story will not end, just changing the face of characters on the screen. Both of the 'dwarves' of the NARCO underworld finally took up the arms of the law, but both of them proved to be a dynasty law and society by establishing a rule over the world through drugs.
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