Wing Commander abhinandan congratulations have returned back to the present day. Pakistan handed over wing commander congratulations to Baga Border on present India. After waiting for hours, on Friday night at 09:20 pm, Pakistan congratulated the congratulations to Indian officials. 

Wing Commander congratulations have returned back to the present day
The congratulation was to be handed over to India only in the afternoon, but Pakistan made India wait a long time in the name of paperwork. After returning to India, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor said, "We are happy that Wing Commander handing over the congratulations to us The whole process was done in accordance with the Air Force operatives, they would be taken to the medical medical checkup because they had fallen on the plane. "

Wing Commander congratulated Pakistan on behalf of Pakistan on Wagah border On this occasion, along with senior officers of the Air Force, his parents were present at the Wagah border. Along with this, many others were also on the Wagah border for the reception of congratulations. The people had reached Wagah border to welcome congratulations with Dhol and Tricolor from the morning.

Please tell you Wing Commander congratulations after targeting the F-16 aircraft of Pakistan trying to infiltrate into the Indian border MiG-21 Crash on Wednesday. They had to eject through parachute. He went to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.

After that, the Pakistani army had taken him into custody.Punjab's Prime Minister Imran Khan on Thursday announced the wing commander congratulations to return to India in his parliament. Imran Khan had said that he was taking these steps under the initiative of peace. 

Although there was international pressure on Pakistan to return Wing Commander congratulations. There was no alternative other than returning congratulations to Pakistan under the Geneva Treaty.
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