It is generally understood that men are expert in flirting and just start flirting after watching the girls. They seem to be doing different things and gestures to attract them, but the fact is that women give 5 times more sexual body signals than men, so that men get the hint that they like them. In research, scientists have admitted that women are not far behind in women flirting.

learn best 10 Smart Techniques Of Women & girls Flirting). 

learn best 10 Smart Techniques Of Women & girls Flirting)

Although women do not flirt through words, they give a lot of information to their body language and signals. So let's identify the signs that women use to flirt, so that men understand their flirting language.

1. If a woman comes near her during a conversation with a man, then it means that she is liking her.

2. If he repeatedly fixes his hair or fingers move in his arms then it is a direct sign that you look attractive.

3. He may either rub his hands or touch his body, such as - hanging on the neck or on the arms etc. It is a sign that if you invite him to coffee on that evening, you will not be disappointed.

4. If a woman is flirtating, her eyes also say a lot. He will keep the contact coming to you for a long time and then bend the eyes in a special sense.

5. Smile when you face it every time you will welcome

6. If he likes you, then as soon as you see him, he will start fixing his clothes. Your top or the kurta button will start fixing.
7. Women specializing in flirting know very well how to attract men to their point of heart.

8. If you put your hand on your shoulder or leg while sitting or if you accidentally touch the body, it is a green signal for you.

9. If he specializes in the art of flirting, then he will be able to reveal the same skin very smartly, which will attract your attention towards him and then you will be lost in the world of interests.

10. Women flirting also use their voice very well. He will come to your ears and talk softly in a sexy fashion, so that you understand that you are appealing to him.

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Flirting keeps you fresh and romantic.

- It gives you confidence.

If someone looks attractive to you, then what is wrong with flirting them?

- False Good Factor is connected to both sides in flirting.

- Maybe, starting with flirting can turn into a romantic relationship.

- Flirting should always be healthy.

Sometimes people start judging your character, in such a way, flirting should be done a little bit and with it, which you like to open


- Flirting should not be done with the wrong motive. The intention of flirting is to make friends and to feel happy and good at the front.

- While flirting, it is important to take care of special things, because flirting is an art. In this case, your approach should be positive.

- If there is a liking or someone's personality looks attractive, then what is wrong to see him smiling?

- Yes, the gesture should not be such that some of the front faces some misunderstanding.

- If you like the style of someone, then give her a compliment.

Although there is a section of women who is not in the excess of flirting, they believe-

Even if your intentions are noble, but women flirting are not considered good in our society.

It can also raise questions on your character.

- Your wrong benefits can be raised.

- May be someone to talk to you or befriend just for fun instead of taking you seriously.

Sometimes flirting done for fun can be dangerous. How well the intentions of the front are, how can it be known?

- It is also possible to have a flirtatious emotional attachment, such that flirting should be done only after observing many things, or there may be conflicts in relationships.

In fact, men understand the flirtation of women as friendship or something else and take their gestures in the wrong direction. That is why they get tangled between friendship and love.

It would be better to know, first learn the art of flirting, and then proceed, because there is no harm in flirting, but flirting is an art in itself, and the effect of any art is seen only when you are well-versed in it. Go.

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