Beauty tips -A unique secret about the color of women is hidden Beauty tips in the Vedas It is said that we can get answers to each of our questions in Vedas and Puranas Beauty tips. 

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Beauty tips

Beauty tips -if we want to read them, then why do not we  get the answer of this question from the Vedas to know what kind of woman's nature is. The name of maritime scripture is taken prominently in astrology and you must have heard the name of this scripture, but in a branch of this scripture, "the assessment of the nature of the woman" has been included in the color of the skin, The woman can know the nature ...Beauty tips

Lady of wheat. 

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Beauty tips

 Beauty tips -Those whose colors are neither black or White, they are interested in religious activities. These women handle the household, they believe in giving more than the demands. These women who do not take much tension in life are also reliable.

Gorgeous woman. 

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Beauty tips

Beauty tips - the women whose skin color is dark or cloudy is very hard and physically healthy in nature. These people keep away from social customs and traditions, so their mental development does not get better.

Black woman. 

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Beauty tips

Beauty tips -The women whose color is too dark, even the eyes, hair and tongue are black, they can be said very gentle by nature. But if the circumstances are not favorable, then these women become largely rigid.

Blond woman. 

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Beauty tips

Beauty tips -Those whose color is fair and pink, which can be called light pink, women with this color are very attractive to watch. They are very intelligent and fond of reading and writing. In addition to these, women with color of yellow and white are polite, grave, patient and well manard by nature, if the experts believe that women who are blonde, their partner Dedicated and very fortunate can be said. Very rarely happens when they face financial difficulties in life.Read more