Kanika Kapoor- At the age of 25, the mother of 3 children had become a beautiful singer, now children have become so big.About Kanika Kapoor|Kanika Kapoor Wikipedia. 

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Kanika Kapoor- There are many Bollywood singers, whose beautiful voices are beautiful in the world. There is also a similar singer Kanika Kapoor. Kanika has gained fame all over the world due to the Hindi songs like 'Baby Doll' and 'Chittiya Kalaiyan'. He has sung dozens of songs so far. His melodious voice makes people crazy.

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Personal life of this beautiful singer is very unique. Kanika was married to businessman Raj Chandok only at the age of 18. Within a few years of marriage, Kanika had become the mother of 3 children. By the age of 25, she was the mother of 3 children. Let me tell you, Kanika is currently following these three children herself because Kanika has been divorced from her husband.

Recently, Kanika shared pictures of her children from social media. It can be seen that his son is more taller than him. He looks smart enough and looks handsome. At the same time their daughter has become equal to them. Both daughters look very beautiful

Tell me, the name of Kanika Kapoor's son is Yuvraj. The name of one of their daughters is Aamna and the second daughter's name is Adara. Very few people know that Kanika Kapoor's children do not have Indian citizenship. All three children have British citizenshipClick here - click