Sun poisoning- This is an easy way to avoid having your skin black in Sun poisoning soon as the summer comes,Sun poisoning the skin of the body starts dry and black, resulting in gradually losing the colour of our cheeks.Sun poisoning

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Sun poisoning 

Sun poisoning
Often, we adopt several types of skin to avoid sunburn Sun poisoning,but our skin goes black. By adopting some simple tips, we can prevent the skin of our body from becoming dark.
Sun poisoning

Sun poisoning - Before going out of the house, lots of water and juice are consumed by the energy in the body.

Sun poisoning - Apply sunscreen lotion half an hour before going to the sun, it will not affect the sun's rays directly on your skin.

Sun poisoning - Do not forget to put a cap before going out of the house, wear any cotton cloth in the entire arm. The sun will not fall directly on your skin.

Sun poisoning -Always stand in a shady place when you go into the sun, never came directly to the sun rays.

Sun poisoning - When you return home from the sun, then wash your face thoroughly and apply sunscreen lotions. Never use such soap in which hard chemicals are causing your skin to get worse.

Sun poisoning -Apart from this, to protect the blackness of skin, some household packs should be made, such as sandalwood paste, potato peels and cucumber juice etc.Read this more