Why my crush runs away from me-  Every man wants a woman to come to him and talk to him, but sometimes it happens that the man is handsome and powerful, even then the woman does not like to talk to him because the boys make such mistakes, because of which the woman Do not like to talk, that's why we are going to tell you today that girls do not like talking to them because of the boy's mistakes.

These  mistakes- girl run away from the boys,

Tell that woman like the same people who look smart but there are many women who are not the face of the people but they see their hearts. Women never liked the men who color their hair or wear more odd clothes, so if you want to impress a girl do not make the mistake of wearing strange clothes.

Every woman wants to have a boy who loves her so much and be ready to give up her life for him. But sometimes a woman does not want any person to comment on it wrong or to do a wrong thing to impress her or because many boys make the mistake of commenting incorrectly to impress the girl, which girls absolutely Also do not like. 

Tell that the men who abuse women do not like at all. Now that no matter whoever they are, women mostly ignore such people who talk with the gangsters and make some kind of intoxication, that is why never eat any kind of tobacco to impress any boy.

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girls Many more impressions are done in this manner.

It is said that girls are difficult to understand, but it is not that girls also have some ambitions that they can not show.

Every girl has some ambitions that she exposes with her partner or boyfriend. Today, we are going to tell some things about girls, after reading that you will understand what she wants.

Some girls have a habit of speaking more, so they think that their partners listen carefully to their point of view.

It has also been found in the research that girls like to surprise, she never says, but she thinks that her partner gives her a special favor to give her a surprise.

In the relationship, girls appreciate a lot of time at a time, after some time after the relationship has passed, they like to hear some more things along with praise, things that are positive for their friends or relatives.

Girls also wish that their partner is dressed well, wearing any kind of clothes, girls do not like to be good, partners are well-groomed, girls like it.

This act of girls will show that she is sitting in love with you.

If you want a girl's mind, then she will make some gestures from you that you will have to understand. If your friend is present and you are presenting something different nowadays then the matter is going anywhere else that girl stole from you girl loves but does not tell.

Maybe he is waiting for that one day you will understand his gestures and propose it, we will tell you today. This will tell you that your good friend is now stolen and stolen from you.

If he starts playing with your hair as soon as he comes in front of you, you start doing vomiting or else doing something that he does not usually do, then understand that he has whipped on you.

He will fight with you and he will not leave you. He will reply back to you and tease you. He will do this because he does not want you to understand the feelings inside him.

If the girl likes you, she will bring you out of the crowd of your friends and spend time alone with you on some excuse she will try every such way so that you stay close to her all the time only.

By the way, if someone says anything to him, he does not have any difference to anyone's talk, but if you tell him something, he will be angry with that matter.

She would like to know everything about your life- what is your relation with your parents, what do you like to do on your own alone, how many girls have already had a date, how were friends in school, look towards life, favorite movie, etc.

Whenever he flirts with you, seeing it in your eyes, he will heal you, will keep touching your earrings or earrings again and again and will chew your lips.

If she has fallen in love with you, she will always keep herself in check because she has to look good in front of you all the time. Threading and waxing of eyebrows will be done from time to time, will wear clothes in a manner, will preserve itself and will make aromatic Dio. 

There are things about a girl who likes boys. 

There are many such habits that are pleasing to the boys. Girls do not even know that on which one of their boys has beaten boys, today we tell you to pay these girls.

A girl who is always smiling is very much like the boys because they can comfortably meet together and the girl's smile touches the boy's heart directly.

The girl who knows what she has to do in her life, such girls love the girls.

Men are attracted to such girls who have control over their lives and who are strong with heart, women who are always insecure about the future or always want to be kind to others, they do not like boys.

Girls holding negative attitudes towards life can never tempt any boy. No boy would like to take that girl on a date, who criticizes the things on his side, the girl who is happy even after suffering, the same boys Can win the heart.

The girls laughed at the things that the boys laughed and laughed at them. Such girls are good, like every boy with such a funny girl.

Impressing girls in the first meeting in my solid way.

Nowadays whether a boy or a girl is ready to do anything for love. Love is expressed in the form of express and emotion. The unbreakable bond of love is built on a belief. When you start talking before a girl, then select a lightweight topic on which you can talk both well and without hesitation...

1. If you like someone very much then first try to impress her with normal things, chatting and messaging with her.

2. Girl or boy talk about the subject on which you know everything about him and you can easily talk to him.

3. A good smile and good conduct of you, in the girl's heart, will be interested in talking to you and talking to you. Do not smile so much that you have to repent later.

4. To show any girl this, that you are listening carefully to her words and you really care about her, always look in her eyes. Maybe, because of shame, you are not looking at her face or on her side, but try to avoid this habit as far as possible.