Lemon is used for making sugarcane or sorbet in the summer. The lemon consumption benefits the body in many ways, today we are going to tell you about some of the benefits of lemon. If you want to read similar articles, please do not forget to follow us at all.

Constipation - For those who have constipation problem, lemon consumption eliminates constipation, so by consuming a lemon in one glass of water and mixing it with a pinch of salt, it eliminates the problem of constipation.
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All these special benefits of lemon |lemon juice benefits. 

The problem of herpes-ringworm, by applying the lemon in the lemon, removes the problem of herpes.

Pain of stomach ache - Problems of stomach pain but after mixing Ajvan, sugar and lemon juice in water, the problems of stomach ache are cured.

Vomiting - When there is a problem of vomiting, after mixing lemon juice in one glass of water, the problem of vomiting ends.

Acne - If there is a problem of nail acne in the face, mixing a little lemon juice in a spoon of cream, putting it on the face regularly will get rid of the nail acne.

Brightness of cinnamon - To bring a sparkle in the teeth, add lemon juice in a small amount of soda in the stomach, and gnashing the teeth increases the brightness of the teeth.