Along with make-up, it is very important that attention should be given to skin care too. Skin will stay healthy, so you will always look beautiful and attractive.

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1. Use vitamin C serum for skin care. Vitamin C is very beneficial for skin. It contains anti oxidants that keep the skin always young, it protects the skin from harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin C Serum keeps your skin free of wrinkle and gives you soft, smooth skin.

2. Use fat, creamy body pickers to moisturize the skin well. Body Butter nourishes the skin and contains essential vitamins and nutrients for the skin. They contain coconut oil, butter and beewax, which keeps the skin healthy. These are especially beneficial for such parts of the skin, which we ignore in skin care, such as elbows, knees and heels etc. Do not use it on face any time, because the skin of the face is thinner than the body's skin and body lotus can cause allergy or pimples to face. Select the body butter that suits your skin.

3. Tinted Moisturizers can have many advantages. It gives the skin a natural glow. You will not even need a foundation. It also gives precise moisturizing the skin to the skin and gives the skin a tone by hiding the scars. When purchasing this, keep in mind that it is light and non greasy, it also has sun protection and matches your skin tone. The Shi'a butter contained in it moisturizes the skin and the vitamin A contained in it keeps the skin elongated by the flexibility of the skin.

4. After the face and body the ankles are often ignored. Keep a good foot scrub, which removes the ankles' dead skin and softens it. Also, scrubbing will increase blood circulation and also clear frozen dirt in the ankles.

Face more than facials 2 Household face pack, immediately blooms face

The beautiful face is the bride of every woman and man. In today's dusty mud-filled polluted environment face color becomes very less. To maintain facial color, we use cosmetic products and beauty parlor.

Using them, the effects on the face are visible for a few days only. Both of these ways harm the natural brightness of our face. Today in this post you will give information about two natural face packs.

1. Almond Oil and Banana Face Pack. 

Those who have dry skin should not let more stupidity on their face. People with this type of skin should use almond oil and banana foam pack. Applying this face pack gives the skin essential moisture. Vitamin C Vitamin B6 is abundant in this face pack. It makes our skin soft. To make this face, mix three spoons of almond oil well in a raw banana. Your face pack is ready to stop. Now put it on your face and neck for 30 minutes. After this wash your face with water. Use this face pack for two to three times a week.

2. Face pack of curd and gram flour. 

Lactic acid is found in curd by which the skin gets natural glow. Mix three spoons of curd and one spoon gram flour well. Now take this Facebook for 20 minutes on your face. After this wash the face with lukewarm water. Using it will bring natural light on your