8 Priceless and luxurious buildings in the world- These are the 8 priceless and luxurious buildings in the world and special things related to them.

There are more than one great and glorious buildings in the world. Everyone wants to see these buildings in the world. Looks at their beauty. In these buildings, hotels, resorts, offices, etc. are operated. So work is also done as a private building. Recently a list of the world's most expensive buildings is in progress. So let's say about 8 special buildings -

1. Abraj al-Qayyat

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Located in the city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia, it is the world's most expensive building. Its beauty is seen only. In order to build the world's most expensive building, it has spent more than $ 9.51 billion in rupees, according to the Indian currency of $ 15 billion.

2. Marina Bay Sands -

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Marina Bay Sands is located in Singapore. In the building of this building, $ 5.5 billion was spent, i.e. Indian currency amounted to 35.75 thousand crores.

3. Apple Campus -

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The world's premier company, Apple's office, has also been included in the world's most expensive building. This office of Apple is located in California. $ 5 billion (32.50 thousand crores) spent in building this building.

4. The Cosmopolitan -

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Located in downtown Las Vegas, this building is quite great. This building has spent $ 3.9 billion (i.e. 25.35 thousand crores).

5. World Trade Center -

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Located in New York City of America, this building is unique in its own way and is superb. In the construction of this building, $ 3.8 billion (i.e. Indian taxation amounted to Rs 24.70 thousand crore).

6. Amirts Palace Hotel -

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Located in the city of Abu Dhabi in the UAE, this building is a great hotel. This building has spent $ 3 billion i.e. 19.50 thousand crores.

7. Wayan Resort -

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Located in the US city of Los Vegas, a resort runs in this building. The construction of this building has cost $ 2.7 billion (i.e. 17.55 thousand crores).

8.Venetian Macau -

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Located in the city of Macau in China, this building is quite luxurious and distinct. The construction of this building was valued at $ 2.4 billion i.e. 15.60 thousand crores. Read more click here