remedies for cleaning the scum of skin-There are many types of stains on the face, which we do in many ways to remove. With this you also have to use a variety of products. But if you talk about steam then it has a lot of benefits on your face. Face-to-face problems with the help of steam.

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total clean scum of skin at home by remedies.

total clean scum of skin at home by remedies.

It can be found to remove the light. So let us now tell you how you can make your face beautiful with the help of Steam. It will also benefit your health and also face.

Read home remedies for cleaning the scum of skin.

* The big advantage of taking steam is that it clears the face's dead skin too. With the help of this tip, a natural glow appears on the skin.

* It is a great way to steam a dead skin and also to reduce wrinkles. It gives freshness to your skin, which makes you look fresh. The skin moisture remains intact.

* Skin scum is cleared. By taking steam pores open and inner moles are also cleaned. Black steams are easily drained by taking steam. This makes skin bright.

* Steaming is very good for many blackheads or whiteheads on the face of the problem. Clean the face with scrub after facial steam for about five to 10 minutes.Blackheads will be completely clean.

* Steamgun is also good for reducing the problem of getting the pump out on the skin due to the accumulation of oily deposits of dirt on the face. This clears the dirt of the skin holes, which does not have pimples.Read more

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ayurveda -Nanny's 6 Ayurvedic  (ayurveda) prescriptions -Friends, you have seen nowadays, people have a small problem in the body, people go to the doctor to take medicine. Eating English medicine causes a lot of damage to the body, ayurveda. 
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So today I will tell you 6 Ayurvedic (ayurveda) prescriptions of Nanny'. By following these you can be healthy and can treat your small diseases only in the home.

Nannys 6 Ayurvedic( ayurveda)prescriptions.

  1. Ayurvedic - Chewing gums of jasmine leaves the mouth ulcers right.
  2. Ayurvedic -If your body burns from anywhere, then immediately massage the potatoes at that place. It will not cause blisters and will get relief soon.
  3. Ayurvedic -If you have an increased incidence of sugar, you should drink the juice of the stomach stomach every morning. Before making the juice, remove the seeds of bitter gourd. After the juice is released, add some water to it and consume it. Continuing this remedy for two months will keep your sugar in control.
  4. Ayurvedic -To remove the lack of blood in the body, take 5 grams of pulp powder in one glass of sweet milk daily and drink it. By continuing this measure for a few days, the reduction of blood shortage begins to ease.
  5. Ayurvedic -Boil the leaves of 3-4 Guava in a glass of water to treat the problem of pain, toothache and swelling in the gums and filter it when it is light lukewarm. Rinse this with a little salt in the water. This will give you relief from the pain of teeth and gums.
  6. Ayurvedic -Curd is very effective to prevent falling hair. Hair gets the nourishment needed by curd. For this you massage with yogurt on your hair and blow the head after half an hour. By doing this, your hair will become stronger and dense.
  7. Ayurvedic -How do you know this information, comment and tell. Like and share this article. Follow me to read similar health, fashion, style and beauty related information.
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