the nature of a person-Seeing designs and fittings made on clothes can be guessed about how your mood will be. Check once and see.Everyone has different styles of clothing to buy and wear, because they are related to these personalities, their personalities. 

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How to know the nature of a person from clothes.

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1. Loose clothing wearers
Those who wear this type of clothing are independent minded and have a lot of simplicity. Think before you spend anything. Helpful tendencies occur. They like to go to the party.

2. Wearing clothes
Men wearing clothes with tight fitting - men forget about themselves as superior to others. Want to get success with this shortcut. They get angry very much. In the matter of eating food, they always desire new flavor.

3. Weared garments wear
Those who wear this type of clothing tell their story in detail. Maintain a mutual relationship. Do not let anyone suffer. Sympathize with others. Want the full benefits of hard work.

4. Checkers who wear clothing
Lines on this type of bits cut into square or rectangular one. Talking about wearing such a garment, the direction of matter changes in another area. Think less about yourself or think more about others. Do not follow anybody's advice themselves while others touch the height of success with the advice of these. It also loses its original wealth in the pursuit of profits.

5. Plain wear wearers
Those who wear this type of clothing are ambitious and have a high expectation. Respect the feelings of others. Plain life holds high thinking mindset. This is a philanthropist, patriot and politician.

6. Sticker and curved linear wear
Women and men wearing such clothes are interested in sports field. It is clear of the heart. In the case of love, they are recognized as top class. The quickness of every task is expedited. Do plenty of tourism.

7. Flowers
Such clothes wear more importance to artistry, that is, they are especially interested in literature, music, painting or cooking. They are of a sociable tendency, they earn good by their hard work, and lead a happy life. These are often worrisome on small things. This is very clean choice.

Also test the person's temperament
  1. Those who keep their shirts or tissues in their arms or chest open, they are of careless tendencies.
  2. In spite of not putting a tie, the person holding the upper button closes in it is able to hide the truth.
  3. Those who fold the shirt's arms into two or three layers are courageous.
  4. The person wearing white clothing does not have bad feelings for others.
  5. Wearing red clothes is more likely to be a hassle than others.
  6. If you wear dirty and torn clothes, a sense of negativity arises in your mind.