Mesotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that will improve wrinkles, improve skin conditions with acne tendency. Apart from this, beauty cocktails can be used at any age starting from 18 years.

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It is very important for experts passing through specific training to rely on this process, which is confirmed by the appropriate certificate. Site A medical clinic is recruited for such courses. At the end of the training, a diploma empowers not only in Ukraine but also in the countries of the European Union and the United States.

How is the process?
In the first stage, the beautician will clean the skin with makeup and impurities. Therefore, the cosmetics have to be abandoned on the day of the procedure.

After examining and discussing the desired effect, the expert selects the structure of the drug.

In particular, injection is done manually using a syringe with a thin needle on previously marked points on the skin. The process is not pleasant, but it is quite tolerable due to insufficient lidocaine in preparation. All manipulations take about 30 minutes.

Important: Prior to the procedure, for 3-4 days, it is prohibited for taking aspirin such as analgesic, alcohol and blood-lessening drugs.

Immediately after injection, red and light condensation may appear on the skin on the injection sites; This is a general reaction. But if the pupils live or increase in size during the day, then you should contact a cosmetologist who performs the procedure.

Structure of medicines

The composition is chosen individually on the basis of skin needs.

Collagen and elastin are responsible for the elasticity of the skin, preserving the oval face.

Hyaluronic acid - moisturizes and restores.

Vitamins help in increasing the skin's protective properties.

Organic acids save skin from pigmentation and exposure to ultraviolet radiation, which causes photo-aging.

Properly selected components will help moisturize the epidermis, tighten the face shape, remove the flea, even the skin tone, and relief, and get rid of swelling under the bag and eyes.

How often can an injection be given?

Mesotherapy To achieve a lasting effect, you must complete a course of 3 and 10 processes. It all depends on skin condition. It is possible to stop the journey again in six months. In order to preserve the young skin, at the age of 30, mesothelioma should be applied, thereby to meet the lack of collagen, which is not produced by the right amount of skin.

Care after the procedure

There are several restrictions, which will help keep the results from the process for 2 weeks:

You can not go to a bath or a sauna

Leave the tanning on the beach or in the solarium, as well as swimming, it is a pool or sea.

Do not play

In addition to panthenol healing ointment and cream and sunscreen, do not use decorative and care cosmetics.

Limit coffee consumption and eliminate alcohol.

After mesothelioma, you can not wash a day just to filter the filtered water to clean the skin.

Properly executed process and compliance with all recommendations of Beautician are able to return the skin to the young and healthy, well-prepared presence.