Good news for diabetic patients Scientists has claimed to develop a drug that will help patients of type 1 diabetes get rid of injections of life insulin. In Type 1 diabetes, the cells of the panicari (pancreas) that secrete insulin are destroyed due to disturbances in the patient's immune system, which maintains the level of glucose in the blood.

New drugs of diabetes. 

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In this case, without regular injection of insulin, the patient goes into a coma. If the situation worsens, he may also die. According to the scientists, the new drug will stop the attack on Panicus of the body's immune system in patients with diapase-277 Type-1 diabetes. This new treatment will be available in the market in the next three years.

Scientists have expressed hope that after the identification of Type 1 diabetes, this disease will be prevented from developing in patients. According to them, this drug would also reduce the risk of side effects of artificial insulin, which required cardiovascular and kidney transplantation. At present, this drug is being tested on London's King's College along with 140 centers in Europe, North America, South Africa, and Israel.

Principal researcher and Dr. Shlomo Dagan of Israel's Andromedo Biotech Institute said that we have proved in previous tests that this drug will be effective for patients with diabetes.Read more click here