Shoes- An essential element of women's closet is shoes for a long time. They make the legs more elegant and do not allow a bitter to freeze in the cold. However, to get such shoes.

What and how to wear better. 

you need to understand that it is very far from being combined with all the clothes and not fit in every type of shape, so first you need to make sure that the shoes are sitting on your feet And then take out clothes, skirts and trousers for them.


Women's Shoes - What and how to wear them better.

shoe Threads are high toe shoes that cover the knee. For many centuries, this shoe has changed its appearance many times, and today there are lots of different jackboots in shops. Therefore, they have been classified according to many criteria. First, they are separated by the season:


shoes for winter, autumn, and spring, the shoes are made of leather and suede. Apart from this, it is recommended to buy leather shoes, for wet weather, and suede shoes are more suitable for snow and frost. Summer shoes are coated with cloth or lace and are worn at high positive temperatures.

Apart from this, women's shoes vary in size and heel height. They can be:


Sole on a flat

On a steady heel,

shoes These boots can have different tops: knee-length and mid-thighs One more foot can be of different width:

Threads are different and are nose-shaped. This may happen:

You can not give a definitive answer to what you have to wear. The choice of clothes depends on the shoe and what content you will get with it.

shoes If you are sure that you can create a stylish bow for yourself, then you should listen to the stylist's usual recommendations on the way to wear shoes in winter and autumn. First of all, you need to make sure that the distance between the costume hem and the edge of the boot is not more than 15 centimeters.

If you violate this requirement, you will be seen rude, so wearing high shoes is recommended with a minister to mid-thigh.

shoes Under any shoe, choose tight trunks that match the color of the shoe. It is desirable that they were the same tone, but possible combination. Someone should immediately leave the idea of ​​wearing flesh-colored tights with shoes - their feet will be fuller than what they actually look like.

shoe Stylists do not recommend wearing any long shoes with such clothes and sweaters, which are V-neck. With this kind of clothing and shoe choice, the figure will look incompatible.

shoes Remember that boots with better cut clothes make a better combination. If you do not want to look at the defensive and want to catch a gloomy look on yourself, do not wear tight skirts and dresses. All clothing should be free to go down the figure and hide their shortcomings. This shoe is considered difficult and is not suitable for everyone.

shoes Ideally shoes on thin and long girls, who have the right legs and do not overweight. In addition, shoes are suitable for girls of short stature. But it is important to clarify what is to wear such shoes, and with which outer garments they will be combined with your height.

We connect boots with clothes and skirts.

shoes Black suede on knee foot, which is fit to smell the feet but does not pull it, is considered to be classic, which is not likely to go out of fashion. These boots look good with the dress-case. The boot should not be too small, but it would be better to go below the hem.

shoe stockings fit well in the business wardrobe. You can wear her stylish shoes with a pencil skirt, a strict white blouse, and a heel. Red shoes are hard to go to the office, which has a strict dress code, but they can always be worn in the plaid or black velvet skirt with a free cut skirt of free cuts and with a high neck Red thick knit sweater Burgundy shoes will also fit in this bow - they walk well with Scotch and do not look bold as red. Red and burgundy shoes are combined with gray cloth. 

shoes If you want to create a more democratic form, wear a black wool pencil skirt, brown shoe and a voluntary sweater in the throat. This bow is ideal for going on autumn walks, going to movies and meeting friends. In the fall, when it is not very cold, you can wear chains with stoves, can be thrown on top of a tight tortoise. For cold weather, dark shoes will go up to the knees, a plaid skirt, tortillas, and tips, 

shoes which can be a cool color scheme, or vice versa - bright. Blue shoes with blue stalls and berates will be connected in an original way. Colorful shoes need to learn to combine with other elements of the image, and then you will always look stylish.

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