some precise treatments-Whenever we get any disease and trouble, we either run to the doctors or the Ojha and both of them are such that never give any treatment to the patient in a time, always scare us. Keep them confused in very large diseases so that they have money acure look at the treatment available in our house. Sometimes the condition is that they have big problems. There is a very small and simple solution that gives us rest in minutes, but we can not see it, let us know that this state of our health is highlighted.

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some precise treatments related to our health.

Many times it happens that we start sneezing again and again and again. In such a situation, we become disturbed by repeatedly sneezing. Friends, here we would like to tell that green coriander is very effective in preventing sneezing. In such a situation, by crushing the green coriander, it stops snuffing out of its juice.

If the tooth has turned yellow or has a black spot in that condition, then in this situation, grinding the leaves of papaya very well, after every three days of its powder, once in the tooth, the yellowing of the teeth and the blackness disappears and the teeth shine Seem to be

Miraculous medicinal properties are found in raw garlic. One of its properties is also that if we spice up two buds of raw garlic and chew them with two spoons of pure country ghee, then it provides instant relief in gas problem. As well as flatulence, it also gets cured.

If a person is vomited due to the gas, in such a situation, after mixing lemon juice with onion juice, it will stop vomiting. Because citric acid is present in lemon, so it is useful in gas and indigestion.
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