Story of 3 engineers who will teach you to speak less often.

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3 engineers went to work in a Arab country, there was a mistake in them and those who were there, they sentenced the three to death. Now when the three were sentenced to death, the three breaths were stuck and there was no way to escape. The three were taken and the three were asked to lay down on one table.

The first person, when lying on the table, had a neck cutting machine on the same table. The machine saw saw it coming forward and cutting its neck. He had come to understand that there was no way to escape if he prayed to God and the sari stopped and went to the roaming neck and stopped by the voice. Seeing this, Sheikh said, Allah's will is to save his life, so what can I do in it, and she told her that she gave your life to be spared.

Then the second engineer came, she was asked to lay down and she started rolling and the saw machine turned up and reached the neck, and finally went upstairs to the neck and stopped again and came alive in the life of that man. Seeing this, Shaikh says that Allah is very merciful this time and Allah also pleases him to save it and he is also left.

The third engineer is looking at all this for a long time and when he is lying on the table, he lay down on the table and speaks to Sheikh what is repeatedly pleading Allah's will for Allah It's coming loose and its nuts are loose.

 This is why it stops here. After that the nut was tightened and there was no need to tell me the result of the next.

If friends speak less then the engineer would have survived. The lesser speaker is respected in the world, the lesser speaker is respected, the people who speak less about the lesser speak, speaks in a very thoughtful way, and for those who speak less, people speak that there is something special Speaks. If the speaker speaks a lot less then the front thinks that all my talk is being heard and he is happy.

 Even if the lesser speaker does not know about any subject, then he is not called ignorant. If a person who does not know anything about the subject, then he speaks ignorance.

So associates do not speak without reason, do not speak 40 words where there are four words. Friends, if you have more speaking disease, there is a disease of giving without knowledge, there is a disease of giving advice without asking, and there is a disease in the middle of two people, then you will never get respect in the world and never respect you. So get as much as necessaryHome