your home naturally cool without any cooler or AC, just do it a little bit. 

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How cool in the house without any cooler or AC cooling
Summer season has started, we get worse in the hot summer, in this way, we all feel the need for cooler or AC, but there is no cooler or AC in everyone's house, You can take such measures, so that you can keep your home naturally cool, so that we can get relief from heat, for that you have to do a small work, today we are going to tell you about this.

How cool in the house without any cooler or AC cooling. 

Nowadays all the houses are made of cement, iron and concrete, and the sunlight is very strong in summer, so that the walls of the houses and the roof become hot, and due to the elements like cement and iron, it is not cold cold; Some measures should be taken so that the temperature of the house can be reduced if the heat is not absorbed in the house.

Do a little work for this, bring 5 kg of lime powder from the market, bring a favicol box, now prepare the solution by adding water and favicol in the lime powder and at the time of the evening, this solution was applied to the entire roof with the help of brush Give and leave for drying, make the next two days a day with water.

How cool in the house without any cooler or AC cooling. 

After this, repeat the same procedure again on the second day in the evening and lower the water twice the next day, the lime layer reflects the heat, thereby reducing the temperature of the house, this process is also done on the external walls of the house. You can adopt that, the house is naturally cold.

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