The eyes should not be taken lightly in any way; eyes are one of the most important parts of the human being; In earlier times, the increased effect of age was considered to be the cause of the weakening of the eyes, but now people of all ages The eyes become weak prematurely; The main reason for the weakness of the eyes is the lack of vitamin A in the body, besides the use of computers, mobile usage, moving c. Growing d are also due to weak eyes.

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 Symptoms of eyes weakness. 

There are signs of weakness in the eyes, frequent water coming from the eyes, the distant things look bleak, the eyes are red, the pain in the head, etc.

Natural ways of looking after eyes. 

Eat every day

Apart from orange, capsicum and cauliflower, red tomato, etc. should be included in their diet.

carrot juice

Removes all the weaknesses of the eyes, carrot juice, regular carrot juice should drink, doing this removes diseases of eyes and increases the light.


The eyes of the regular Papaya are not weak, so eat papaya definitely.


Eat every morning and fill water in the mouth and sprinkle it in the eyes by taking water in your hands with the tap, so that the dirt of the eyes is removed.

Eat almonds, in fact almonds contain plenty of vitamins and anti-oxidants, which work to speed both eyes and brain. This increases the eyesight with eyes and reduces the chances of having eye-related illness. So if you want to increase your eyesight, then eat almonds every day.

Amla juice is the most beneficial for the eyes, raising eyesight and making eyes healthy and fit. Why amla juice contains vitamins C and Vitamin E, along with the amounts of omega 3 which work to enhance the eyesight. This keeps the eye healthy.

Honey and black pepper, intake of honey and black pepper is very beneficial for quickening the eyesight. You eat black pepper powder in a teaspoon honey every day and eat it. This will increase your eyesight. As well as the problem of water coming from the eye will also end. Try this home remedy everyday. You will soon see the benefits of this.

Walk on foot, if you walk down the foot in the morning in the morning, it will increase your eyesight and also reduce the risk of eye related illness. As well as your eyes will be healthy and fit. So if you want to sharpen your eyesight then walk for at least an hour in the morning. This will keep your body healthy too.

Keep eyes clean, keep your eyes dry with cold water for a while, to increase your eyesight. This will bring out the poisonous substances present in your eyes and the chances of any type of infection in your eyes will decrease. At the same time, your eyes will be clean and healthy. By adopting this home remedy, you can increase your eyesight

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