Bollywood actresses are so beautiful to look, but do you know what they do to maintain their beauty. We all know that the Bollywood actress goes to the expensive parlor and also exercises. 

Then they look so beautiful. But nowadays, Bollywood Actress also takes special therapy to look beautiful. The name of that therapy is cupping therapy. (blood discharge). Bollywood actress takes the help of cupping therapy.

Because of that, they also get four more moons in their beauty. In this therapy, the blood is cleaned from the inside and also helps to shine the skin. So today we are going to tell you how this therapy is done. In this therapy, the first cotton balls are soaked in alcohol. 

Then these balls are put in a small glass or cup made of glass and set on fire and the hot pot is put on the skin immediately after extinguishing the fire. They are then taken away from the body so that the muscles can get relief.

Benefits of getting body in conjunction with cupping therapy


With this therapy, the blockage of blood circulation ends and there is a sufficient amount of blood circulation in every part of the body. By doing this therapy, the toxic substances, dead cells and other contaminated substances present in the blood are taken out to prevent diseases. 

By doing this therapy new blood is formed and many diseases are also removed. Having a cupping therapy gives a lot of comfort to the person in his pain.

By doing cupping therapy. it puts the pressure on the place of swelling and pain and relaxes the cells in depth.

It gives more nutrition to the skin so that the person's skin looks young. Fine lines and wrinkles can also be reduced by doing this therapy. This therapy also reduces the stains of injury and acne. By doing this therapy your skin looks young and fertile.Read more